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Young celebrities dating older celebrities with short, famous Women Who Married Much Older Men

Famous Women Who Married Much Older Men

Email Copy Link Copied It seems as though celebrities in the entertainment industry get to play by their own set of rules, and a lot of stars can get away with almost anything, including murder! One offense that celebrities seem to get away with without any type of backlash from the public and the law, emily deschanel and david boreanaz dating in real life is their love for underage girls. Will Valderrama ever settle down with a woman his own age? Will Madden be back on the prowl for another underage love interest?

Hefner has been married twice previously and he has been in several long-term relationships. They are still married today. Kelly was exploring his love for teenage girls, we didn't have access to the plethora of information that can now be found on the internet.

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Duff later gave an interview to Cosmopolitan magazine and revealed she had lost her virginity to Madden. Although the victim claimed the sex was consensual, charges were brought forth, and the singer was eventually acquitted of all counts. Finally, the crazy train was over! This is Melania's first and only marriage and Trump has been married twice before. It's actually gotten to the point where the public has become accustomed to this behavior, and many have chosen to turn a blind eye.

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We'll have to wait and see! But still, no one really raised an eyebrow at their obvious age difference. Donald Trump tops our list. Why do you think so many men choose to marry women who are half their age?

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We have absolutely no clue. Sklar was married once before, and this is the first and only marriage for Jerry Seinfeld. If her own family doesn't give a damn, why should we?

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