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Miss Pannidatheenga Appuram Varuthapaduveenga. Azhage Illatha Azhagana Kathai. By the time she reaches the studio, the producer is dead and is taken on a stretcher towards the ambulance. Thalapathy Vijay's movies with other Heroes. She runs away and hears a baby's cry.

Rajamouli proved to the Tamil audience that he is not a one film wonder. Lists of films by country or language Lists of Tamil films by year in Indian cinema s Tamil-language films.

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She wakes up in the theatre, with her mother's diary on her lap, and the doll, which Maya had brought for her baby. Scantily clad Russian model invades Champions league final! Suyambulingam Kamal was as relatable and brilliant as George Kutti an uneducated yet a clever middle class family head.

The film proved that simple can be supremely beautiful. Ram and Kate, the author, is shown to make a man dig into the grounds of Mayavanam, searching for the expensive ring that Maya was said that died with.

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Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan. Rowdy Baby creates yet another record! Vijay Sethupathi Productions. Thirukumaran Entertainment.

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The film ends with the spirit Maya killing the director and Maya's ring falling out of his pocket. Top Ten Movies of Savithri. Controversial actress confirms participation in Bigg Boss with lover! After a poster of the film, Irul, that Swathi is currently working on is put on to the walls of the house, Apsara experiences strange things happening inside the house. Ram points out a smoky form near them and warns him of it.

Tamiluku En Ondrai Aluthavum. The film broke the notion that award winning or art house films would not fetch commercial returns. In alternating scenes, oorai therinchikitten song Apsara Nayantara is a single mother struggling to make ends meet by working in ad films.

Vishayam Veliye Theriya Koodadhu. The director of Irul had witnessed the bizarre death of the ad film producer while watching the film, but claimed to the police it was a heart attack. Puriyadha Anandam Puthithaga Arambam. She doesn't give much thought to it because she is always preoccupied by the loan that she has taken from a local gangster. The film starts to play, and it is revealed that Vasanth's side of story is the film Irul.

South African bowler Rabada. Keerthy Suresh's stunning transformation! It is then revealed that Maya is Apsara's mother. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The film's box office and critical results were also as pleasing.

Maya ( Tamil film)

Purampokku Engira Podhuvudamai. Prabhu Prabhu Venkatachalam Gopinath P.

Vellaiya Irukiravan Poi Solla Maatan. You can update your channel preference from the Settings menu in the header menu. Even after the film has ended, we keep thinking about it, replaying the scenes in our mind and thinking about the inventiveness in how the plot lines are brought together.

After falling down, she is held by Maya who cries out in bitter rage and kills Shankar. Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga.

The film had a successful run in theatres and collected Rs. Made on a shoestring budget of Rs. It is later revealed that the person who played Vasanth in the film is Arjun himself and producer of the ad film who died earlier, was the one who sent Maya to the asylum and took her ring. She catches an auto and goes to the studio.

Oru Thalai Raagam Shankar. But Mani avoided complexities and presented the film in a simple and relatable format.

List of Tamil films of

List of Tamil films of

List of Tamil films of 2015