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Growing up, he was close to the Shetland poet Rhoda Bulter. When the Twelfth Doctor arrived and raised awareness about a missing power container from a discovered spaceship, Pritchard made it his mission to find it. When commanding officer Jonathan Moran was killed, Pritchard took charge.

Richard Pritchard

Was it weird to come on board as a different character? By series two however I really felt the responsibility. But I was also being told I should go to university. She takes him to a party in the country, and they end up making love. Hopefully my on-the-phone acting is good!

But I never thought about becoming an actor. The Motherwell-born actor, however, is modest about her role. Does she fall by the wayside? Did his Shetland accent, heavier than a wet Fair Isle jumper, have to be binned?

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When we met her in the pilot she was making silly mistakes, turning up on the job half drunk and vomiting over the murder victims. After all, not everyone can run around harum-scarum, having wild affairs or getting beaten up. You like to have personal experience to call upon.

Steven Robertson

In a lot of theatre your performance is about making sure you can be seen in the back row. Was it good to return home to film again? So Sandy and the team need to be cautious.

Surely they want the spotlight to shine on them and them alone? You never saw Alex Norton in Taggart be sick over a corpse. Washed-up local solicitor John Piggott becomes convinced of Myshkin's innocence and begins to fight on his behalf, unwittingly providing a catalyst for Jobson to start to right some wrongs. Any memorable experiences from this shoot?

And that feels really special. You have to establish new characters every couple of hours, and the set-up time means there is less space for other things.

Her theatre work, mostly in new writing, has attracted critical acclaim but she had to adjust for television. Have you always wanted to become a lawyer? Brilliant central performance from Douglas, lots of stunning shots of Shetland. At this point I became a bit obsessed with stand-up and tried some. Years ago, long before I was in acting, my aunt and uncle along with my cousins made a horror film with me shot in cinefilm down at the same beach we feature in these episodes.

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Set on Fair Isle - because the murder happens on the small island it makes it intense and a small number of suspects are in the frame. His next job was as an apprentice violin maker.

He gets the information and he allows it to filter through his head and we, the viewers, get to see him doing this. In fact she deliberates to an unimaginable degree.

The show was criticised for its lack of Shetland accents, with Robertson being the only main cast member born and brought up on the islands. Robertson throws in an aside about his role in the science-fiction series as Richard Pritchard, wetter in oberhausen online dating which though not very actory is frighteningly honest.

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He is just a chap who wants to get on with his job. Did she always want to act? Sometimes you just have to think the thoughts and the camera will pick it up. Does she fall into a vat of lager? Before pursuing an acting career, he worked as an odd-job man in his village.

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He stated that she was the trigger for him pursuing a career in performing by telling him old Shetland tales. Before the Flood Behind the scenes Pritchard's first name is not spoken on screen, nor does it appear in the credits. But Sandy simply wants to be good at his job, to improve as a detective and have a nice relationship. Later, he, along with the other ghosts, were lured in there later by the roar of their master, the Fisher King. What sort of person is Sandy?

On leaving Guildhall he was snapped up by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Romance seems to bud, but there's more to her than meets the eye.

Whilst there he met his wife, actress Charlotte Allam. After the Doctor left, the ghosts figured out a way to flood the base, forcing the Doctor to leave.

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Things have changed for Sandy since the first series - where do we find him this time around? But it does have its limitations. Clara Oswald and Mason Bennett saw his body floating out in the water, but then were met by his ghost, which attacked them but was repelled by the light.

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