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Peter leaves in a rush and, after suiting up as Spider-Man, defeats the bombers and disarms their bombs. It was also criticized for having a lot of glitches. Gargan realizes that he will never be normal again and departs, while Spider-Man leaves Stillwell for the police. Harry also rescues Penny while Venom, seeing that Sandman's daughter is safe, lies to Sandman about her death, which infuriates him.

Spider-Man uses his webs to close up some sewer grates to prevent lizard men from emerging. After rescuing them, he is encountered by Sandman. Venom's button sequence is annoyingly difficult to hit. However, Connors and his lizards escapes deeper into the sewers and Spidey is forced to return to the surface.

Upset at this, Kraven turns his attention to Spider-Man instead and the two start fighting, while Connors runs away. Spider-Man visits Connors for the last time and reassures him that he is a good man, before leaving. Instead, you alternate between suits as you progress through the story. Returning to the Bugle, Peter is tasked with photografing some lizard people spotted in Central Park. Knowing the giant lizard's pattern will make it much easier to take him down.

Watch this movie clip as Spider-Man opens up a cargo van and take out a mysterious package. Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic. Spider-Man is then suddenly attacked by Connors, who runs away, but Spidey gives chase, stopping the mayhem he causes around the city and eventually cornering him in alley. Spider Emblems can only be found once you complete the story missions. Out on the streets, Spider-Man fights numerous Waste Tribe members in order to learn more about Shriek's whereabouts, eventually finding out the location of her hideout.

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The upgrade system is different compared to earlier titles as well. In the meanwhile, Peter's college science teacher Dr. The primary features for the Wii version are motion controls. Spider-Man manages to defeat Sandman, but the symbiote overhelms Peter and he violently washes Sandman away in a sewer pipe, seemingly killing him. Mary Jane eventually falls out of the cab, but Harry takes her to safety, before engaging Sandman in a fight, while Spider-Man continues his battle with Venom.

As Spider-Man swings through the air, he spots a building on fire. Spider-Man manages to defeat the Lizard, turning it back to Connors once and for all, but he does this in such a violent manner that he realizes that the black suit may have a negative impact on him.

Spider-Man defeats Sandman just as Harry arrives and helps him fight Venom for a while, before going to rescue Mary Jane. Back at the Bugle, Peter gets the promotion while Brock is fired for his actions. Peter then returns to the Bugle and gives Jameson and Robbie the pictures, much to their delight. The only collectables you can find however, are the Meteorites and Spider Emblems.

Most Recent Forum Activity. Spider-Man makes being a mutated genetic freak look sexy, and the ladies seem to agree. The two capture Mary Jane and keep her hostage at a construction side, in order to lure Spider-Man.

After fighting his way through the lizard people, Spider-Man eventually confronts and defeats Connors, but he escapes further into the sewers. However, that suit will be disabled if Spider-Man's health is too low.

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Spider-Man chases him and discovers that Connors has already changed numerous other people into lizards. Spider-Man in other media. Spider-Man returns to Connors's lab to see how Morbius is doing, only to find him dying. The Sandman will require a number of different attacks to finally take him down. After Peter falls asleep, the symbiote from earlier approaches him and envelops his body, leading to a brand new jet-black Spider-Man suit.

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The Game Boy Advance version is a side-scrolling action game. Arcade Spot will bring you the best games without downloading and a fun online gaming experience on the internet. Conquest Mode can be exited with a visit to the Daily Bugle building in order to return to the main game. Brock reveals that he has more cameras around that automatically photographed the attack, but Spider-Man destroys all of them and leaves, arab music while Brock swears revenge.

Will you be able to complete all the levels, rescue all civilians, and bring peace back to the city? One weird thing is that there hasn't been any big super villain around since Doc Ock.

After defeating Kingpin's goons at the courthouse, Peter returns to the Bugle and gives the pictures he took to Robbie, who then tells him where to find Fisk. It uses the Touch Screen to execute most attacks. He then defeats Flint by opening a door which releases a large amount of water onto him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Back to his senses, Spider-Man visits a still-recovering Connors at the hospital, who asks him to help him fix his mistakes by turning all the lizard people back to normal.

In other projects Wikiquote. Conquest Mode is an extra mode where the player has only a very limited amount of time to traverse the city and complete challenges such as combat tours, delivering items, and protecting civilians. While Spider-Man fights her goons, Shriek prepares to control the entire city using an obelisk with powers similar to those of his black suit. The bomb explodes, killing Harry and defeating Sandman. Harry defeats Sandman and tries to help Spider-Man, but Venom seemingly kills him.

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