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With the emergence of the spring conservation order, hunting snow geese with E-Callers in the U. The snow goose is a complicated but delicious creature. If you need one, check it out at Amazon. This protects the call and makes it waterproof.

The short reed allows users to practice the easier snow goose calls and then as the hunter progresses replicate more and more calls. If I am lucky enough to be running two electronic snow calls I will usually set up my main unit with the blinds and have the other unit at the upwind side of the spread running at a lower volume. Snow geese are noisy and loud, and they make distinct calls, lf3 turbo game and probably have the most variation of sounds in the goose family. World goose calling champion Sean Mann.

This makes it easy for members of your party that might be farther away from you to know when its go time. This resulted in years of me building and testing different callers ended with me finding the perfect caller for my style of hunting. The Quaker is an attractive call, resembling white ivory, and is remarkably smooth. Watch this video on YouTube Colder. Just be ready because birds can come from all directions.

Snow Goose E- Callers by Juvie Juke Box

Saving battery juice - When there are no geese in sight or your breaking to pick up your geese I recommend you turn off the power to the electronic call. Having an e-caller set on low, playing nothing but feeding gabbles, has worked tremendously well for me when the birds are about to finish. Distant birds you can crank it up to get their attention and then back it off as the birds get closer and closer. Snow geese calls have to be versatile, capable of creating a wide variety of sounds with ease.

Thousands of hunters across the United States and Canada have used our products, with many reporting improvements in how the birds react to our authentic snow goose sounds. This is why a good call is so important. They are certainly in the goose family, but they are a separate beast when it comes to calling. Barry Schindle Midwest Waterfowl Outfitters Another important piece of equipment in the snow goose spread for a snow goose guide is the use of electronic snow goose calls.

This work has to be precise and is guaranteed to present loud, engaging calls. The Quaker Boy call requires a minimal amount of air to produce a loud but not piercing call. An active calling track with individual and group calling with background murmurs and ground talk.

Snow Goose E- Callers by Juvie Juke Box

Treat snows and blues just like you would a Canada goose, the farther away they are the louder you can call at them, once they start to get closer the more you want to turn the volume down. It is up to you if you want to cover the wire, it just makes pick-up harder since the stubble will get wrapped up in the wire. Placement of your snow goose caller - I usually have my unit right next to my blind or behind my backrest inside the blind if I have room. Not every day is the same, some days you have to turn down the volume to the e-caller to finish birds, other days you can have in blaring wide open right up until you call the shot. We take pride in our work.

The call itself is very easy to blow. Hunt Snows combines ease of use and powerful features to create the ultimate must-have free snow goose e-caller app. Honestly in this situation I would only use one e-caller so not to confuse the geese where they want to go. This is way it is important to be able to control your volume level on the e-caller from your blind with the addition of an optional volume control.

This allows me to control the unit when I need to and so I can unhook the unit when not in use without getting out of my blind. The call is made from acrylic, which as we talked about before is tough, durable, and weather resistant. Near the top of my spread either directly in front or behind my blinds I will run two watt high power speakers.

The call is also extremely light at only three ounces, and is easy to carry via pocket. Setting the e-caller on low volume and letting the flock roar can help imitate a large group of feeding geese holding tight in the fog. Why switch up something that is working so well? In order to fool weary late season snow geese, you need the right e-caller sounds.

Very relaxed, natural flock with a steady murmur, clear ground talk and sharp sequences of individual calling. We put that motto into every call, sound, and product we offer. Snows are greedy birds and they want to get to the fresh field that has not been fed yet in my opinion. Snow geese are curious creatures.

Electronic Snow Goose Caller - E-Caller

Electronic Snow Goose Caller - E-Caller

We continually test new components and ideas to provide you the best e-caller at the best value. Trying to huff and puff cold air is not a pleasant affair. Sharp barks alternate between left and right channels creating a constant shift of sound focus to help confuse incoming birds.

Once again, this is something that differs each day and depends on the lay of the land. The speakers are white or gray which is the same color as your snow and blue decoys so I don't think they make much of a difference in the field. While it is far from the cheapest option out there, the Sean Mann is the choice of professionals worldwide.

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This part of the country is a great place to live with some of the nicest people around and abundant hunting and outdoor opportunities as well. Normal Wind Days - If I can I usually will decide to set up on the upwind side of my snow goose spread. This is one of the best snow goose calls period. My favorite sound for working them in tight.

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Great for Rossies and stubborn singles, too. Speaker wire - I have never thought it was an issue to have speaker wire running on top of the ground uncovered. It should be another good season to be a light goose hunter! Great all-around track for many conditions.

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