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But each new discovery brings more danger. But when his old college roommate, the current U. Even with that cheesefest ending. The entire time I was reading this I was completely at the edge of my seat and dying to know more. But I was raised as a conservative, and my parents are conservative, and despite the fact that I am liberal in a few select aspects I am still, at this point in my life, mostly a conservative.

Right away, I was hooked and sucked back into the story along with these characters that I dearly love. The crazy dude from the first book?

Shades of Earth (Across the Universe 3) read online free by Beth Revis

What did you think of the last handful of chapters? Anyway, everything was properly connected, there weren't any plot holes, and what i liked the most was that she developed Amy and Elder's characters even more! She looks so fragile in this moment that it breaks my heart.

In this review there are no spoilers for Shades of Earth at all. Quotes from Shades of Earth. Shades of Earth is very, very fast-paced, but at other times it kind of drags. Beth Revis had the tough task of introducing a whole new planet into the story while also wrapping up plot lines from the previous books, and she managed to do that oh, so well. Beth Revis's writing style is just incredible, play online games without ing racing game with all of her novels.

She has these ideals and she's she freaking stubborn and her way is the right way and that is that. He trusted Amy with his whole heart, but what if she has never been entirely his? But be that as it may, I do not by any means hate this series, but it's not one of my favorites either. They have no chemistry whatsoever. No more fucking around for these compadres-they live or they die-there is no in-between anymore.

He literally gave up everything to give the literal world to Amy! But to be honest, whoever calls that a love triangle is seriously mistaken. In my opinion this book would have been so much better without that last chapter, because I thought it wasn't necessary. But, I do and did understand the protective nature of her father-It was heartwrenching to see all he was willing to do to keep her alive. The planet itself was like its own character.

The issue of racial inferiority is central to this volume, as Higginbotham documents how early white perceptions of black inferiority slowly became codified into law. Open Preview See a Problem? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Out of every book in the world, those two book covers are my absolute favorites.

He thought about everything, and always went forward with his decisions, and some of them were pretty much reckless. Not the best character ever.

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Oh and btw, i adored it that the book wasn't all about the romance between the two of them you can say though that there was mini love triangle. They're being attacked by enemies they don't know.

But there's no air in the tube. Deliver the item to all of us! Elder wants to be tried to treated like a leader yet he doesn't act like an adult at all. Guys, Amy is what, seventeen?

Shades Of Earth

Being Beth Revis right at this moment would be a pretty good feeling. There were moments that Revis almost lost me with how she portrayed Amy's father. But the tender moments between Amy and her father kept him real, instead of a cardboard cutout of a heartless army guy.

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Still, if they want to live a passion-less life together I suppose that's their choice. However, those are my personal opinions and this might not bother anyone but me. It was so freaking ridiculously liberal. Mainly the absolutely unbearable characters and romance. It's not often we get to experience an entirely new planet, and it was fun to try that in this novel.

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Shades Of Earth

Her fiery barrages of surprises, twists and turns, smouldered that innocence to ash. Or, why don't you see it for yourself? If you have tons of characters die in a book that's fine as long as affects the reader emotionally but I was rather indifferent.

Description of the book Shades of Earth

This will just clash fabulously in my shelf! Even my favorite characters in the book really were frexing annoying in the beginning of the novel.

She irritates the living hell out of me. And then fire explodes across the sky, leaping from one dark cloud to another.

Shades of Earth (Across the Universe 3) read online free by Beth Revis

But it's not a cliffhanger as much as it simply is an open ending. They are such memorable characters, and they compliment each other so well. What a great way to end this trilogy.

We have every one of the examine, and if all the info usually are accurate, we're going to publish on our internet site. Some things were way too coincidental and unrealistic, but if I let that go and simply enjoyed this for what it was, I had a lot more fun. So, I don't know, she fooled me, so why fix what isn't broken?

Description of the book Shades of Earth