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The next day, at the moment of marriage, Senathipathi intercepts Sethu. He seeks revenge when her sister Gowri dies as a result of Senathipathi's action. After Senathipathi has become intoxicated, are iphone apps to Sunder uses this situation to masquerade as Senathipathi and rescues Murugan and Rangamma from the prison.

Meenakshi as Maharani Ranthamani Devi. When Padma almost faints during the rotation, Sunder cuts the chandelier's rope making the chandelier to crash, thus ending the dance competition.

All of this is seen by Lingappan Naicker afar. Balasubrahmanyam, Sadhana Sargam.

But, Lingappan Naicker is totally against inter-caste marriage and sees them together. Meanwhile, Mandakini who escapes from Velan, joins Senathipathi and divulges details of the secret place where Chokkalingam, Sunder, Padma and others are hiding. Later she falls for him and gives him special treatment. The film was shot simultaneously in Hindi as Raj Tilak with Gemini Ganesan, Vyjayanthimala and Padmini who reprises their role from original. Ellappa with the audiography was handled by C.

Download Tamil Mp3 Songs Senathipathi

Download Tamil Mp3 Songs Senathipathi

Srinivasan and Kothamangalam Subbu while the film was directed and produced by S. Sethu and Aishwarya try to break up, but can't. Rangamma also joins the revolution along with her husband, Murugan, the present minister of Vanjikottai to bring down King Sethupathi's government.

She is the real princess of Vanjikottai kingdom who later joins the revolution. In the court, while watching the dance performed by Padma, Mandakini is angered by the meaning of Padma's song which indirectly tells her feelings towards Sunder. Rathnakumar, an erstwhile assistant of Bharathi Raja and also the script writer for his films Karuthamma and Kizhakku Cheemayile. Lingappa shoots both of them dead and starts to find Sethupathi. The camera was handled by P.

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She is the wife of Navalur and mother of Sundaralingam and Gowri. The king before dying tells Chokkalingam to save his daughter Padma Padmini and the infant prince and dies later. She set up her camp at the border of Vanjikottai and sends her spy to locate Sunder's place.

Senathipathi arrests all of them including Sunder. During the battle, Senathipathi throws his sword at Sunder but hits Mandakini when she tries to protect him. Senathipathi Directed by M. He also plans to release Chokkalingam, Murugan and his wife Rangamma who were arrested by Senathipathi during the revolution.

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Murugan and the people of Vanjikottai head to Senathipathi's palace to bring down his government. Sundari Bai as the ensemble cast of the film. She is the beautiful princess of Ratna Island Kingdom. Then, Nagappa proposes an alliance, and it is taken by Lingappan Naicker.

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This Film was the second biggest hit of the year after Nadodi mannan. Meanwhile, Chokkalingam who is living in one of the hinterland villages with Padma, is planning a revolution along with Murugan who serves as his spy at Vanjikottai. Subsequently, the catch line used by actor P. Found guilty, Senathipathi is banished by the kind but is helped by one of his soldier to stay in the kingdom without anyone's knowledge. Lingappa's and Nagappa's villages clash every year, to receive water from the canal during farming seasons, though justice is on Lingappan Naicker's village.

Sunder who seeks justice from Senathipathi, plans to kill him, only to be captured by his army. He later invites them to his palace to watch a dance by Padma. There, he gets the chance to meet his mother who is also spending her whole life for her deed. Meanwhile, she also falls for Sunder, who helps her during the revolution but later changes her mind after knowing that he is in love with Princess Mandakini.

The battle was ended with the murder of Senathipathi and Mandakini died while uniting Padma with Sunder. He remains loyal to Vanjikottai's former diwan, Chokkalingam, where he helps Chokkalingam liberate Vanjikottai from the rule of Sethupathi. Susheela and Sirkazhi Govindarajan. Shanmugam is a diwan at Vanjikottai Kingdom. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Vanjikottai valiban all songs jukebox gemini ganesan padmini vyjayanthimala. Lists of songs recorded by Indian singers Discographies of Indian artists. Balasubrahmanyam, Sukhwinder Singh. Sethupathi hands over Aishwarya and thus keeps his honour.

She agrees with all the requests on the condition that he would return within one month. This article needs additional citations for verification. Shanmugam as Chokkalingam Navalur.

Sohanlal, is still remembered even today by the critics and audience alike where the popularity of the song surpasses the popularity garnered by the film. After he is found guilty for his action, Sunder is later banished to a jail island where he serves a life imprisonment. Chief is a Tamil drama film directed by M. Pasupuleti Kannamba as Sivakami. Vyjayanthimala as Princess Mandakini.

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There Sunder meets Princess Mandakini Vyjayanthimala who is first averse to the attitude of Sunder, who ignores her beauty and does not respond to her assertive and arrogant behaviour. Besides that, a passing by of motor car was also seen in a shot which was an anachronism in Gemini Studios production. After one month, Mandakini comes to Vanjikottai to search for Sunder. Sethu then marries Aishwarya there. Aishwarya blackmails Sethu to marry her the next day or she will commit suicide.


Mandakini who also arrives there with her army joins the battle to bring down Senathipathi. Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri. The film was inspired by the novel The Count of Monte Cristo. The song was also used by many Indian classical dancer for stage performance.

The film was one of the successful Tamil films of along with films such as Nadodi Mannan and Uthama Puthiran. He is the loyal informer of Chakkalingam where he protects them during the revolution along with his wife. After the awareness of the revolution is disseminated to the masses themselves in Vanjikottai, Chokkalingam returns to Vanjikkottai to bring down Senathipathi's government. Nagappa Naickar Manivannan is a long-distant relative of Lingappa and head of their rival village.

Plot Chokkalingam Navilur T. But, meanwhile, Senathipathi and his wife are attacked on the way home.

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