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Dear Dvanit, Good morning. Radio is repeatedly proving its efficacy and its efforts towards evangelizing the medium. For more on radio and music business news. The environment is more relaxed and you are not under the huge pressure of numbers.

Our system also found out that Dhvanit. Commercial viability of such albums is very uncertain Hence nobody dares to make regional albums. Even I have also just recovered the cost of making the album. And it did top the chartbusters Ahmedabad where it was the top album for seven weeks. Where do you see regional music heading in India?

Devaki is an upcoming Kannada movie written and directed by Lohith H. He writes columns in magazines and newspapers.

Lot of jocks have evolved from radio and moved to better prospects. Cant disclose what movie clips i have stored in my cellphone. He is one of the most popular jocks of Radio Mirchi in the city of Ahmedabad. Pls do wirte ur blogs becoz wirting is my passion. Another problem that often arises with this that the loss probability is a lot more.

It has become a complimentary medium today where it has media partnerships with every on-ground event and even for television shows. How has radio evolved over the years? Megha Gupta is an Indian film actress from Mumbai. Additional info on dhvanit.

The problem with Gujarati music is that there is no demand for it. How much self censorship do you follow? Your email address will not be published. As a musician I took the first step towards creating the demand first.

Ratings of similarly popular websites. But at the end of the day if there is a demand for regional music the station will pay heed to listeners choice.

We couldn't talk about religion since Ahmedabad is a very sensitive city. Radio Mirchi as a station does play regional music.

Listen to Majja Ni Life - Dhvanit Thaker now

Listen to Majja Ni Life now

He loves Ahmedabad, gets agitated if a tree is cut and pushes the whole city into action if he notices a garbage dump in the heritage buildings of the city. How different is it to be a jock in a metro city to a comparatively smaller city? But a small town jock also has its own advantages.

Witty, Spontaneous, Sensitive, rush hour 3 full movie no freaky. It took time to nurture talent in between which there were a few who did not understand the medium. Shouldn't they be given enough air time?

Rejection probability here is comparatively less there. We wanted fresh sound that would appeal to the youth. It will be delivered for free to your inbox. They need to provide all sorts of entertainment which shouldn't always be superficial.

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Many toddlers in Ahmedabad are named Dhvanit. Network requests diagram Name. We tried and introduced different formats including the One hour contest shows to increase interaction with the audience. Remember, even this will pass away! Celebrity value increases for jocks in small towns.

Analyze another website Analyze. But, we get to hear his melodious voice only for a few minutes in his songs and the ends of his tracks leave us craving for more. The industry also avers that the hike is a reflection of the changing market dynamics, with retail and national advertisers, realizing the effectiveness of the medium.

Initially when there was a boom in the radio sector there were no trained professionals. It is a great revenue opportunity for everyone and the sector will flourish providing great entertainment to the masses.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. How did you kickstart your journey into the radio sector? The chart above shows the difference between the size before and after optimization. Keep rocking like a star and ahmedabad Loves you.

Boy who knows your next door! Get the best of RnM and RnM biz, plus stories across the web. Similarly rated websites colorectal-cancer. Hi dhvait, Every morning all my family members listening u. In the initial few days, we experimented with several concepts few of which worked for us.

Open Graph description is not detected on the main page of Dhvanit. Network requests diagram dhvanit.

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