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2012 PPS Proposed Rule Therapy Reforms Reinvent Rehab

Contract therapy providers may also struggle to conform to these new realities, and the therapy landscape may become somewhat shaky as a result. View the discussion thread.

Stay Connected Recieve weekly placemaking newsletters and stay in the loop with the movement. That creates lots of new Placemakers, and inspires a whole new group of zealous nuts. Home Health providers and clinicians in for the long haul must internalize these changes to remain on the care path of the future. Check your inbox to confirm your subscription. Discussion View the discussion thread.

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We talked referral marketing, social media, and creating community within the rehab space. Face to Face and homebound clarifications completed the document, save for one important and game-changing set of proposals regarding therapy care and payment. Placemaking can change the way that people think about their role within their community. But, as long as you stick to a few rules of thumb, you can easily avoid an expensive mistake.

It pays to get patients better in a faster manner. The therapy payment changes were just the latest challenge they faced regarding rehab delivery. Second, by rewarding the efficient and focused care that prompts quicker outcomes, games en for mobile utilization decreases with elevated clinical results are expected.

Video and Photos from PPS2012 Therapy Payment Re-allocation A New Day in Homecare

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Most agencies struggled to retain and manage rehab staff, resulting in contract labor situations that often leave much to be desired. This re-allocation is the centerpiece of the Proposed Rule, and it comes in the form of a regressive payment model for rehab programming.

They are tastemakers, not Placemakers. In addition, they will be one step further on their path to the bundled care models of the future.

Long-distance relationships are tough. Markets are very reassuring places, because they give you a sense of responsibility for your own health. We've had a blast communicating with Placemakers around the world through our blog, as well as through Facebook and Twitter.

What was your favorite part? Home Health providers were, at that time, certainly tuned into the effects of therapy care volumes, and how they related to the financial health of any agency. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

In addition to rocking one of the coolest booths on the tradeshow floor, we thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many familiar faces and befriending new folks, too. Providers who know how to get this done, or employ clinicians who do, will focus care and receive new payment levels in return. People are experimenting, and reinventing what it means to have a good life.

And so, to end the year on a reflective note, we thought we'd put together a round-up of our top posts from the past year, organized by popularity. Our round table discussion on marketing and social media with Therapydia and San Francisco Spine and Sport. So as we attempt to make sense of these latest changes, it is important to note that we are just beginning.

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The removal of therapy from the payment formula will mark yet another earth-shaking re-invention of how rehab will be delivered in the Home Health model of the future. This methodology will effectively equate nursing and therapy in a fee-capitated approach that eliminates most of the gaming and profit concern. While many small practice owners often view online marketing as an afterthought, it should actually be a high priority. But shy of affecting a Dickensian persona and approaching referral sources with your hat in hand, you may not know what sort of strategy you should employ to get more patients into your clinic.