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The world's elite big wave surfers gather to tackle the fierce waves at the daunting Cape Fear event. Go behind the scenes with wakeskaters Matti Buys and Brian Grubb as they take on some of the most prominent spots around Durban, South Africa. The Parks Bonifay Documentary is a film showcasing the extraordinary life of wakeboarding legend Parks Bonifay. This unique look into his life not only tells the story of the sport, but of a determined and driven athlete who has become the most decorated and accomplished wakeboarder of all time. Dustin Humphrey, the director of South to Sian, reveals all about how he and his crew came to make this surf and road film and what his favourite moments were through the production process.

The black sand of Keramas Beach in Bali provides a stunning location for the second stop of the season. The film documents his accomplishments as well as captures his carefree personality, competitiveness, fearlessness and drive.



Check system requirements. Professional wakeskaters Brian Grubb and Dominik Preisner travelled to the Philippines for an epic winch session.

They'll have a grasp of how wakeboarding evolved from water skiing and how the Bonifay's fit into the sport before I was even born. Write a review on this video! The Battle of Cape Fear A surfing documentary. Additional information Directors Alliance Wakeboard.

Additional terms Terms of transaction. Wayne Lynch, an Australian pioneer of the shortboard revolution, is a surfing counterculture icon. We reveal the history of his family of water skiers that preceded him and Park's subsequent quest to push the boundaries of his sport while occasionally flirting with disaster.

Follow surfer and film-maker Ben Weiland on his decade-long journey to explore the planet's coastlines. Directors Alliance Wakeboard. What was that adventure like? Chasing the Shot A quest for the perfect surf photo.

How often are you on the water these days, and what are you doing most often? The Story of Parks Bonifay.

But the story of surfing's best barrel runs deeper than the waters beneath it. Watch as the top surfers go head-to-head at the first of three epic Red Bull Airborne events this season. They chart new territory, searching for new waves to ride and meeting with local villagers. Discover the origins of fish surfboards and meet some of the pioneers who changed surfing culture forever.


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Get a look at what motivates four of the world's best competitive surfers. Coldwater Journal Exploring the world's coastlines. That was one of the most fun trips I've ever been on!

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Watch the evolution of this massively talented rider from rail parks, to towing behind a helicopter or charging surf in Tahiti, Bonifay can take on anything. Fish A surfboard documentary. Red Bull and Alliance MultiMedia have collaborated on the documentary to reveal the history of an athlete's quest to push the boundaries of his sport while occasionally flirt with disaster. Not only does the film document his accomplishments, but it also captures his carefree personality, fearlessness and drive. We were just living on our boats, stopping where we could, and exploring.

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At six months old, Parks Bonifay was put in a pair of skis by his father, sahasam video songs forming his first steps into a legendary career. Parks Bonifay Documentary.

Tyler Fox drops in and commits fully to his life, whether it's starting his own business or surfing big waves. Filmer Jacob Vanderwork brings us his best Kolohe Andino clips from their work together over the winter. Alliance Wakeboard Director. Sean and Callum Pettit leave behind winter in Canada and venture to Switzerland for some fresh snow. Does it ever seem not real?

Can't play on this device. Come along as the life of an extraordinary athlete and his incredible family unfolds before you. Use keywords to find the product you are looking for.

Just shoot an e-mail to info waterskiboatsdallas. The Century Swell pitched up in Sumatra with massive force, turning Lagundri Bay into a big-wave monster. After five years in production and footage in multiple formats spanning from to today, this was an incredible story telling feat.

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