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Daniel reluctantly continues his quest for purification. Graphically, Painkiller is unmatched. After killing Lucifer, Alastor reappears before him, with hordes of demons around him.

He snatches Eve, whom he claims had escaped from Hell, and takes her with him before disappearing back into Hell. Excluding Off-topic Review Activity. Asmodeus once saved Daniel's life after he single-handedly defeated four demons at once one day, almost losing himself in the process. At the start of the game, Daniel is about to take Catherine out for a birthday meal.

Gothic Story, Frantic Gameplay. The game features multiplayer, which includes classic modes like Deathmatch and Capture-the-Flag. Gameplay The game is inspired by such classic titles as Quake, Doom and Serious Sam, with the emphasis on killing large numbers of monsters. Old, dumb and full of fun.

Run around, shoot, run around, shoot. The levels include castles, monasteries, an opera house, Venice, graveyards, and more. Managed to install the game but however when trying to launch it says, insert cd-rom and press ok. After Daniel kills Alastor, Eve arrives at the scene in shock, realizing Lucifer will no doubt be on his way and they should make themselves ready. He decides to go after them, but Samael tries to make him reconsider, for if Daniel goes to Hell, there will be no escaping from there.

Suddenly, he dissolves into a ball of fire and Lucifer himself Lex Lang appears. It would have been much nicer to let players activate this power-up at their own leisure.

It's an adrenaline addict's nightmare, where hellish monsters swarm in seemingly endless mobs. The game was particularly well received for its multiplayer experience. Surprisingly, Asmodeus arrives, complimenting Daniel for his victory and examining the scene.

You find yourself trapped somewhere between heaven and hell. Download Link Magnet Link.

She also tells him about life in Purgatory, and the possibility that he could be dragged to Hell should he fall in battle and become lost forever. When enabled, off-topic review activity will be filtered out.

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He leaves Daniel to the mercy of the demons around him, who eagerly accepts the challenge. Each level presents a new location with various themes and art styles. Painkiller Free Download Torrent.

With games here like Unreal Tournament and Battlefield Vietnam, Painkiller is by no means a great multiplayer game. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Summary Most Helpful Recent Funny. Daniel is now finally able to go to Heaven and reunite with Catherine at last.

Now he may proceed to Heaven and reunite with Catherine. Small portions of the army are already beginning the march. Each equipped card provides different bonuses for a small amount of time, like powered-up weapons or slow motion. You can buy Tarot card bonuses.

Alastor has already taken it and announced his ultimatum. Single player is multiplayer versus monsters. While this is all understood, what Daniel does not understand is why he came here, but Eve insists it is because of something in his past, and it is up to him to find out.

With Lucifer gone, the position of Hell's ruler is open. Off-topic Review Activity. Make sure you read the above link before downloading! Stranded in a place between Heaven and Hell, your time of judgment is at hand.

Gifting on Steam The Steam Community. All weapons come in pairs, with a primary and secondary fire. While Catherine manages to make it to Heaven and lives in harmony, Daniel is trapped in Purgatory. The Underworld is on the verge of unholy war, and you are but a pawn in the infernal battle.

Painkiller Game free Download Full Version. Mail will not be published required. As you fight for your purification, the truths behind the deceptions are revealed. Daniel learns that he did not really kill Alastor as he could only be defeated in Hell. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.


The game is inspired by such classic titles as Quake, Doom and Serious Sam, with the emphasis on killing large numbers of monsters. Both of them are killed instantly in the crash. The game ends with Daniel defending himself against the never-ending hordes. Howbeit it deserves to be played at least once just to see its very atmospheric levels and landscapes.

Daniel turns down the offer once more and asks that Catherine be told not to wait for him, for he will not be coming. One of the game's most important aspects is its diversity. The single player campaign gameplay involves killing large numbers of monsters.

This is a download button. There is more than one way to buy this game. Read more about it in the blog post.

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Eve is wary of Asmodeus and questions as to why he did not finish Daniel when he was weak, but he insists that he did not come to Purgatory to fill the graves with lost souls like the others. The game is divided into five chapters, each about five levels long. One day an angel called Samael John Cygan tells him that in order to receive purification, he has to kill four of Lucifer's generals in order to prevent a war between Heaven and Hell.

And in all honesty, Painkiller truly is dumb. But it reaches a rarified level where dumb flips around and becomes some sort of mad genius, and the more you play Painkiller, channel orange music the better it gets. Painkiller Download free Full Version.

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