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Not all girls do this but plenty of them do. All the women here are just generalizing. You would think this was obvious, but I have had a few guys not understand I was just being nice and having a conversation with them. OutcastedKilljoy Acting seriously interested in your life.

Trying to make intimate inside jokes. When I met my current boyfriend, I spent an hour at the bar talking with him and seeing as interested as I could, trying to be flirty. Gooperchickenface See how she interacts around other guys. While occasionally trying to make conversation and blurting out the stupidest things. It really does suck that being nice and just simply showing some interest from one being to another gets so easily mistaken for flirtation, etc.

But in a general sense I would say eye contact, smiling, and finding reasons to touch you. It definitely gets uncomfortable pretty often. Paying them more attention than the others. It is easier said than done, but the only person stopping you is you.

If all of a sudden you feel uncomfortable, she is flirting. Viperbunny Some men take any kindness as flirting. It will probably lead to more success that way, que son los vedas y como se clasifican yahoo dating than mulling it over.

Sometimes girls will flirt because it makes them feel awesome when someone likes them. Well, I had him look at my phone and gave him an email in the meantime. Honestly, if you notice a girl is not only responding to you, but keeping up the conversation with questions and a general interest, she is probably interested in you. If I am interested, I would go out of my way to be near that person. Some women will even act apathetic towards you and not make eye contact.

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