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Where it differs is in being set in space. Developed by Technos Japan Corp.

Keep your Muncher away from the Troggles by munching on multiples, factors, prime numbers, equalities, and inequalities. This brain-blasting game is set, how surprisingly, in Dr. The levels have been rebuilt and made tougher. Developed by Westwood Studios, Inc. There is a changing weather system and realistic seasons important to the running of your farm.

You play as Frank Harris and your task is to stop Holli Would from entering the real world. The collection includes action, strategy, adventure and other unique genres of game and entertainment software. Developed by Probe Software Ltd. You and up to nine friends can duke it out on hills and in valleys as you nuke each other into submission in this turn-based tank battle.

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Developed by Distinctive Software, Inc. Developed by Incredible Technologies, Inc. Developed by MicroProse Ltd. If you can stay away from the Troggles and earn enough points, you'll be part of the Muncher Hall of Fame. Developed by Leaping Lizard Software, Inc.

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The aim of the game is shown in the introduction. Developed by Sunstorm Interactive, Inc.

Most Popular DOS Games

The game provides unusual stunt objects including loops, corkscrews and jumps. Breaking from jail somewhere in Europe, she comes to yankees to steal their treasures.

Build up your colony to conquer the other colonies in the yard. You control Mario who has to flip turtles coming out from two pipes at the top of the screen. You're the oldest and wisest elf of them all, come out of retirement to help Santa Claus prepare for a particularly tricky Christmas.

Developed by Maxis Software Inc. Aliens have captured the President!

Brain is the first in a two-part series of educational puzzle-games from Sierra. The text-based interface remains the same, but several new features have been added to the game. Developed by Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.

Developed by Didatech Software Ltd. Same as the movie, the game features cartoon graphics. Developed by Accolade, Inc. Developed by id Software, Inc. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Developed by Presage Software, Inc. It greatly increases the number of levels, has new gameplay features and introduces new modes. This is a game that simulates a sexual exchange between a man the player and a simulated woman. The game contains a variety of cars, courses, and opponents to choose from. Click here for the manual.

Developed by Artech Digital Entertainment, Ltd. Developed by Electronic Arts, Inc. Developed by Free Spirit Software Inc. Books by Language uslprototype. On the way, he is ambushed and abducted by the soldiers of the Austrian duke Leopold.

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Duke gets word that alien scum have landed in Washington D. Naturally, a dictator named General Akhboob took control of the beleagured nation and began creating an army of radioactive mutants. But watch out for Nobbins and Hobbins, and don't be careless enough to let the bags of gold crush you! Technological advance, realm expansion and combat are all key elements. The goal of the game is to defeat these turtles and score points by flipping them from underneath, not jumping on them.

Developed by Epic MegaGames, Inc. Developed by Virgin Games, rose psd file Inc.

Brain's castle, where the player will have to beat Dr. Developed by Sierra On-Line, Inc. Published by Maxis Software Inc.

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