Morth Specifications 5th Revision

Its very useful for me instead of carrying the book i can refer this in my Tab directly as when needed. What is importance of surveying in civil engineering projects? What are the various operations in surveying?

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The Contractor shall provide the Engineer with a copy of the regulations governing the safe use of nuclear gauges he intends to employ and shall abide by such regulations. He shall abide by all laws, rules and regulations in force governing pollution and environmental protection that are applicable in the area where the works are situated. Lead shall be measured over the shortest practicable route and not the one actually taken and the decision of the Engineer in this regard shall be taken as final.

Such works shall be taken up by the Contractor only after obtaining clearance from the Engineer and ensuring adequate safety measures. The quarry operations shall be undertaken within the purview of the rules and regulations in force.

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Before taking up any construction, an agreed phased programme for the diversion of traffic on the highway shall be drawn up in consultation with the Engineer. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. It's urgent for me please provide in earlier day. There will be no separate payment for any survey work performed by the Contractor. Indian Standard published by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

The work to be carried out under the Contract shall consist of the various items as generally described in the Tender Documents as well as in the Bill of Quantities furnished in the Tender Documents. Trucks used for hauling the material to be weighed shall be weighed empty daily at such times as the Engineer directs, and each truck shall bear a plainly legible identification mark.

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The temporary travelled way shall be kept free of dust by frequent applications of water, if necessary. What are its functions in bricks? Where it is necessary to use some substances which can cause injury to the health of workers, the Contractor shall provide protective clothing or appliances to his workers. Attached Files for Direct Download. Red lanterns or warning lights of similar type shall be mounted on the barricades at night and kept lit throughout from sunset to sunrise.

The wheels or tracks of plant moving over the various pavement courses shall be kept free of deleterious materials. The stipulations in Clause shall govern. Nuclear gauges shall be used only where permitted by the Engineer.

The same shall not, however, apply in the case of lump sum contracts. Marks including approved adjustments, if any, shall be maintained by the Contractor and also a copy supplied to the Engineer for his record. The Contract Drawings provided for tendering purposes shall be as contained in the Tender Documents and shall be used as a reference only.

It is assumed that the Contractor has inspected the quarries, borrow areas etc. For pavement courses laid only over widening portions, atleast one line of levels shall be taken on each strip of widening, or more depending on the width of widening as decided by the Engineer.

These markers shall be maintained until the works reach finished formation level and are accepted by the Engineer. The alignment and longitudinal section of diversion including junctions and temporary cross drainage provision shall be as approved by the Engineer.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The Contractor shall take all precautions for safeguarding the environment during the course of the construction of the works.

Please provide the latest revision of Morth specification. Morth specification for road and bridge works civil engineers.

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After obtaining permission of the Engineer, the treated shoulder shall be dismantled, the debris disposed of and the area cleared as per the direction of the Engineer. The Engineer will provide the Contractor with the data necessary for setting out of the center line.

The Contractor shall take prior approval of the Engineer regarding traffic arrangements during construction. Additionally, if so directed by the Engineer, the road surface shall be hosed or watered using suitable equipment. The Contractor will be the sole responsible party for safe-guarding all survey monuments, bench marks, beacons, etc. Checks must be made on these Bench Marks once every month and adjustments, if any, got agreed with the Engineer and recorded.

Section (MORTH 4th Revision)

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Morth specification for road and bridge works civil engineers Very Good. The relevant standard for materials, as well as the testing procedures, i hate you wallpapers have been indicated at appropriate places in the Specifications. The various elements in the cross-section of a road referred to in these Specifications are shown in the cross-sections in Figs. Terms used in the specifications to describe road cross-section elements with a concrete pavement.

The Contractor shall arrange to provide fully furnished office accommodation constructed as shown in drawings. Raw and processed samples of the mineral aggregates from the approved quarry shall be submitted by the Contractor at no extra cost. Work includes providing electric supply, all electrical items like lights, fans and complete wiring, providing water supply including all pipes, fittings, tanks, tube well, pumps, valves etc.