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Maxim trankov tatiana volosozhar dating, tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov are waiting for a baby

We have already missed one season because of my injury. Now every time before eating, I think for not to harm both baby and me. Obviously I was doing less lifts and twists, but I started doing more now and so far it's fine. This is the case when their strengths are also their weaknesses at the same time.

Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov are waiting for a baby! Maxim, what did you think when you heard this news?

They have also won six events on the Grand Prix series and are the current World record holders for the combined total, short program and free skate scores. Frankly speaking, I really want to take part in Olympics. Of course, at the Games I was rooting for our guys, for the Russians.

The pair are one of few in modern times to reach the World podium in their first season together and in their first appearance at a major international event. Yes, I always caress her tummy, let him, who is sitting there, know that his father is waiting for him and loves him. And the guys who in juniors started the season earlier, a month and a half before the test skates seemed to got in a pit.

Both our team and the Federation of figure skating. And I need to make a multifaceted athlete from Zhenya. We thought, maybe we can get the bronze. This is neoclassic, the idea is yin and yang, black and white.

Tatiana Volosozhar

That now I must work harder to support my family. Four years have passed, has something changed?

But Zhenya and Volodya are really very different. And it does not matter, are they husband and wife or not. But when our pairs competed, it was something. For example Aliona Savchenko, who became an Olympic champion after so many twists and turns in her life. Aliona relaxed, she was satisfied, like a man who achieved his goal.

Did new rules affect the situation? First pair skaters in history to win both the Olympics gold medal in pairs and in the inaugural team event. We met at the show just after Pyeongchang. Have you relationships changed, become warmer, softer?

Only to the fourth episode I calmed down more or less, learned to talk with the guys. Apparently, the fiery relationship will continue on, and off, the ice. My body already orientated itself to the left. It's better now and I didn't have any problems anymore with my arm during the last one and a half months. Shortly thereafter, they decided to split.

Those who know my character will understand how difficult it all was for us. And what about coaching, after all, sooner or later Angelica will grow up? This book is more about me, about my family.

Interview with Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov. For years fans have wanted to know if Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov are dating. So Stanislav Morosov apparently recommended a new partner, redating the great sphinx of giza facts Maxim Trankov.

But Tatiana Volosozhar and her boyfriend Maxim Trankov are not likely to receive approval from their coach. Then there was our rivalry. Yes, we are waiting for a baby! They were crowned Russian champions by the end of that year, and became known for their wonderful chemistry.

Trankov partly tore a groin tendon at the Nepela Memorial. Tatiana spoke with many girls, skaters, who gave birth, recovered and got back on the ice. But Stanislav Morosov retired from skating after the Olympics and Tatiana Volosozhar was looking for a new partner.

And by the way they fly not so high as in pair skating. Today Aliona is shiny, sociable person. We became closer, began to communicate more, now we often text. Plus there were good offers from ice shows.

Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov are waiting for a baby

The pair placed first in their segment and Team Russia went on to win the gold medal. And I must say that everyone accepted this cooperation calmly accepted. When I put her on ice from lifts, I check a thousand times whether she keeps balance, and only then continue. But you did not continue cooperation. Well, I still can say that yes, I plan to get on the ice as soon as possible after giving birth.

They placed first in both the short program and free skate to win their third National title. They are still as a scales, and my task is to balance them.

We had problems with motivation. Early in their career together, they were known for their stormy partnership and frequent coaching changes. In the end they become one whole. My path in this respect was faster. In summer we were in Japan, participated in the ice show.

This is still figure skating, it still must meet the aesthetic tasks. We wanted to perform this season at the Russian Nationals and European and World Championships, but everything turned out quite differently, plans have changed dramatically. Tania and I saw them at training camp in Italy, they skated incredibly. She allowed me to go on the ice, but told me not to do twists, forget about throws. Before this we have worked together for a couple of months in the most difficult season for them, when Zhenya and Volodya moved from juniors to seniors.

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Let the singles do the incredible with the quad jumps, but they answer for themselves. Do you already know a gender? At the post-event press conference, they said they would miss Russian Nationals in order to recover fully from their injuries. But, frankly, I completely trust him. By the way, those yellow have a secret.

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But for them it is a challenge. Media coverage of the event noted their fast development and their potential for the future. If it does not work out than me, Trankov is a bad coach, I failed. Our baby will be born in February. But seriously, we will discuss the name when time comes to get birth certificate.

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Prior to that, I always refused from such shows. In short, I agreed to participate in the project.