Mask Pro 4.1

This feature alone can save you days of time in the digital darkroom. Should any stray colors remain, it is easy to clean them up.

Review of onOne Software s Mask Pro 4

OnOne Mask Pro Review

Transition decides how hard the change between colours will be, making the image blend more, the softer it is. Out of the masking programs we've reviewed here, I think this one is the most capable at masking effectively and efficiently. Below is the original image.

Getting started If you already have Photoshop open when you install Mask Pro, you must close it down first and reopen for the plug in to show up in your filters. Taking hours poring over the computer will, undoubtedly, hearts card game for ipad produce sterling results just using Mask Pro. Masking hair The Magic pen tool is the icon shaped like a fountain pen nib and has stars around it.

This illustrates the simplest way without having to use any commands other than drawing the red and green lines with the markers. The screen on the left shows how I set it up in Photoshop. The Magic Pen does seem to have problems with corners. The bottom sliders two markers adjust the Transition and Threshold. Which tools you choose and what settings will depend on the image.

Interesting tutorials

The Magic Brush is used for deleting the area of the image you no longer require. In addition to the multiple ways available to achieve the desired result, the program is easy to use. This detail shows a close up of the hair. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Matt Grayson once again leaps into the glossy, glamourous world of cutting out a picture and plonking it onto another one.

Threshold is for adjusting how many of the colours are kept from the Drop box. To ensure that the image blends completely, I would have to blur the image to create an optical illusion of sorts and I don't want to mess with it that much.

OnOne Mask Pro 4.1 Review

The first step is to decide whether to use the eye droppers or the markers. In this case because of the various tones in the background that could conflict with the flower, I chose to use the eye droppers. Now back in Photoshop with the original image.

These days, nobody would seriously complain about the lack of anonymity tools. When I used the program, it skipped corners, deciding that the defining edge of the image was more appealing. This program is so powerful and has so many options to refine the mask that you can basically correct for any imperfection. The tools are relatively simple to understand. Having the ability to access this right from the Tool Tips on the screen makes learning very easy.

Mask Pro 4.1

These instructions are shown in the Tool Tip video as well as in the User Manual. But as you saw with the leaf, you can work with various parts of an image creating new sets of drop and keep colors as you work. If your color is fairly well differentiated from background to foreground, you can use the quick markers. The capability of the Pippette tool to include or exclude colours is very useful and the Colour decontamination system is an excellent idea.

For a trial download, click on Trial. Join For Free Upload photos, chat with photographers, win prizes and much more. Minus points Some features can't be used without a tutorial Getting the wrong colours can mess up your mask Still looks like two pictures copied over. There are two when using the regular brush and a split one in addition when using the Magic brush. Before I go on, let me explain how the tools on the right ended up how they were.

The original one took me over ten hours of processing and that was with no other apps running, seriously. You can accomplish the same objective in a few ways. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. As I delve into each tool more and more, I am totally amazed at the functionality and how easily it really makes things. Create a free account to like this page.

It was just another task in an evening of multi-tasking. Loading the image in brings you to a separate workstation with tool boxes scattered around the page. The last bit took all of another minute, tops remember, I am working off a slow processor.

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The key is that in any one area the background color and adjacent foreground color need to be different. Solid edges and wispy hair should test the features available. Finally, the tick box at the bottom is something that OnOne are very proud of. The sliders have two markers on each and the top slider adjusts the hardness of the brush edge and the size of the brush.

So, now I am ready to bring in my starry background again. Again, there is a short video showing how to use all the tools and accomplish your objective. For the most of us, who just don't have the time, using a mixture of the two programs may work out better for you. This is the background image that I'm going to paste my cut out image over. The shot of the model has curly hair to test the Masking ability of the program.

Mask Surf Pro makes good use of the array of encrypted Tor tunnels and distributed servers and offers you an unparalleled level of protection. Once loaded into Photoshop, any areas you're dissatisfied with will enable you to make changes. Tor is an open project aimed at providing the highest level of security for online surfers that is pioneered by some of the best network experts in the world. These colours will appear in the Keep and Drop boxes and are used for when masking semi-transparent items such as hair or leaves.

Then, rather than taking any time to tweak, I went straight to Mask Pro after all, it should do the work for me, right? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Notify me of new posts by email. Experimenting is the key to find out what works best on your own images, but onOne Software provides a number of tips through its Tool Tips and online video tutorials.

The screen on the right shows the finished product. Interestingly, when the different tools are chosen, the Tool options box will change its parameters and the Magic Brush will have two sliders and a tick box for Colour decontamination. To speed up the learning process, I advise looking at the quick videos of the Tool Tips. As a default, you will have the Tools box, Keep and Drop boxes, a Tool options box and a tips and shortcuts for if this is your first time using it.

OnOne Mask Pro Review