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The Dumbest Game to ever exist on mfgg. Under a lot of stress, you know? Super Mario World Custom enemies. An exciting fan made game that's fun for the whole family of one person. Laura Parker speaks to the voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, to find out what it's like voicing a gaming icon.

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This is just phase one of our big plan. As for the gap in a primary forum admin, we're in talks about what to do about that as well as a general staff promotion-shuffle within the next few days. It's been a while since we had a sprite competition. With Nintendo's all-conquering console on its last legs, we look back at what made the Wii such a huge success.

Cool Maryo Legacy Collection Vol. In addition, if you feel like drawing something, we are currently hosting a new Drawing Competition at the forums! Video games offer us glimpses into new worlds. We'll have a new theme up in due time! Very stupid, but it was fun, right?

It's time for another update! Marathon Carlos Rodela takes you on a trip through the good, bad, and weird videos dedicated to our favorite plumber, Mario. In addition, the drawing competition has officially ended! It's been a while since I've made an update - mainly juggling the ups and downs of life.

Well, we decided to roll out each part of the plan piece-by-piece for ease of use and to see how things go for each big part. Maybe even a review or two? Before getting the ball rolling, we would like to hear out from all of the users of the community of expanding the community to a general Nintendo fan gaming site.

The most asked Mario fangame is now a reality! Miyamoto says high-definition remakes of older games like Super Mario Sunshine are possible for Wii U. Super Mario in Marooned on Mars. Latest on Super Mario Galaxy.

The current list of franchises in the categories is entirely subject to be added to if there is enough demand, but we figured this was a good enough amount for now. Mario maker enforcing copyright on videos featuring its games uploaded to YouTube. Oh gee, I haven't made a weekly update in a fair while, have I? Carlos Rodela takes you on a trip through the good, bad, and weird videos dedicated to our favorite plumber, Mario.

Games aren't as important as the crux of life is, and I actually moved recently, so it's been one day after another. Please read the Disclaimer. We also got a new sysop with Hypernova! He played a major part in getting this up and running so quickly and he wants to know if anything is working improperly. Yoshi's island Tilesets and Misc.

Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. The Sprixie princess has been trapped in one of the painting worlds! Sometimes they even give us new ways to look at our own.

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Custom Series - Revamp Tileset. By Princess Peach MainSite. Lots of reasons to think I quit, like anyone would.

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Nintendo claiming ad revenue for user-created videos Mario maker enforcing copyright on videos featuring its games uploaded to YouTube. Anyways the theme is based on tilesets of any existing Mario games.

For more details of the competition, please check it out at the link below. We're in talks with merging with an existing fangame site or two once everything comes close to completion, so look forward to more information as things happen! For the rest of us, life goes on.

Having a lot on my mind lately, sometimes that happens. Anyway, the latest Sprite Competition is still accepting new submissions and you can find it over here! Mario Drinks A Glass of Milk.

Our projects continue as normal, and we'll resume what we started. Our transition is finally beginning! In case you missed it, we've upgraded the wiki to the latest version of MediaWiki, but we're still in the process of sprucing things up so new account creation is currently disabled.

We are officially now accepting other Nintendo franchise submissions across the board - not just fangames, but sprites, tutorials, printer service manuals and sounds too! We've also got more games! Most Recent Forum Activity. Remember the Cool Maryo series?

To celebrate why not play some of the many great fangames and hacks on the site! Vitiman Staff Change Notice. With all that out of the way, here is your last Mario-only update!

We do intend to change the site's name and branding, full disclosure. Super Mario Generations Release Demo. It's a big change to adjust to, but we all felt it was for the best.