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When a field is overtyped, the new value is used in the execution of your program. Which control block is most likely to be used to contain this information? You can code both an attribute override and cursor positioning. The transaction then stores the new record in a transient data queue. The third argument specifies the field which will contain a retrieved segment.


Data from one program can be put in temporary storage for later use. Temporary storage can pass data across tasks. Indicate whether each question about symbolic maps is either T rue or F alse. Do you think that Working Storage also disappears when the task ends?

Mainframe Self Study Materials with Complex Interview Questions Srinimf

Mainframe Materials

Pointers are also set for this block of storage. It will be used to pass data to a subroutine.

This process of sending, waiting and receiving continues until the program and the task end. Indicate whether each of the following statement is either T rue or F alse.

Indicate whether each of the following statements are T rue or F alse. When you send the maps in this way, a user sees the screen built map by map. We will take a closer look at the call statement later in the module. These tables contain information which is specific to the organization's resources. Fill in the blank so that this command will release our program.

Which piece of code could be used to detect an overflow condition? This is another example of an application that could use attribute override.

You can rewrite a particular record. Select the choice which best completes the statement. Of course, you could write your own code. The map is then written to temporary storage and the current task and working storage are terminated.

An address calculated from the beginning of a program. However, there are important differences. Place conditional statements in your program to tell what action is to be taken when an Attention Identification Key is pressed. By changing the display number, you can move backward and forward through these.

The next difference is in the addressability of blocks larger than bytes. In turn, the transient data is written to the associated external dataset. This queue is printed when convenient. For one thing, you must first move transient data into temporary storage. This is used to transfer information between the data base system and your program.

We define it in this way in Working Storage so we can pass it in a call statement. You can only delete whole queues. Users are allowed only those operations listed in the table. Program execution will then continue from where it left off. It is an area set aside for use by the individual installation in whatever way they like.


The only thing you need to specify is the name of the queue you wish to delete. When you are using multiple maps on a screen, you are responsible for their positioning. It is a multiple task, oxycotton multiple transaction order in pseudoconversational mode.

One thought

What do you think happens when control is passed back to the program? As you recall, the first entry in the address list is the address of the list itself. What is the line number of this command? You could open and close a transient storage queue.

The pointer to the storage block is not affected. This allows the program to detect overflow conditions and to execute an overflow handling routine.

Suppose we want to determine if a particular user is allowed to update salary data. The missing lines might include code to send output to, and receive input from the terminal. These statements describe a situation. Third party tools are often used when developing programs to help destroyed. We'll explore that aspect next.

Mainframe Materials

Arguments are also needed. For each of the resources below, select a number to match with where it can be located. At the end of the day, the external dataset is transmitted to head-office and used to update a regional data base. Normally it contains security tables, and other global data.

As the program runs, it may acquire storage for execution purposes or for passing data. When a task ends, Working Storage disappears so that the space can be used for another task. The queue can be updated when a record is modified. This could cause problems if the queue name is hard-coded in quotes in the program. However, maps can also be displayed on a screen in positions relative to each other.


Browsing transient data queues is a bit different. Here is some code which is meant to read a record, but not copy it into Working Storage. Let's now take a look at establishing addressability to storage required by your application program. The program processes this data one field at a time. It is sometimes more convenient to have all the pages built and kept in storage for later use.

To get around this problem, we need a way to give each user a queue and give each queue a unique name. Indicate whether each of these questions is either T rue or F alse. Once for a physical map, and once for a symbolic map.