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Enchantments that include giving players extra health points or Hexes that drain the enemy's life and add it to your own make up part of the skill selection in Guild Wars. This is increased by the fact that runes, which among other things increase attribute levels, can only increase the attribute levels associated with a player's primary profession. In addition to membership in guilds, a player may be a guest of any number of other guilds.

Such combat is restricted to special PvP areas, the majority of which are located on the core area known as The Battle Isles. The events of the Factions campaign concern the return from death of a corrupted bodyguard named Shiro Tagachi.

In each campaign the player is involved in a linear story with which they interact by performing a series of primary quests and replayable missions. Each profession has an array of attributes and skills that help narrow a class's proficiency in order to perform a customized role that is determined by the player.

Each skill has a different effect when used, and fall under many different categories. Each alliance must be devoted to either the Kurzicks or the Luxons, the two Canthan factions from Guild Wars Factions locked in perpetual conflict. Guild Wars also introduces the ability to choose a secondary profession, expanding the selection of attributes and skills. For the first game in the series, see Guild Wars video game. Many competitive matches may be observed by players by means of an observer mode.

Players that venture out from the staging area and into an instanced explorable area are then able to use their weapons and skills to defeat monsters and interact with other objects in the game. They can also perform actions such as fighting and picking up objects, as well as interacting with special objects.

The guild tag is displayed in brackets after the names of guild members. In this campaign, the Pact heroes pursue Balthazar and the elder dragon Kralkatorrik to Elona, the continent originally featured in Nightfall. Up to ten individual guilds may ally together to form an alliance. Players who own two or more campaigns may transport their characters freely from one campaign to the other, integrating into the storyline as a foreign hero.

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Novel by Matt Forbeck and Jeff Grubb. As players progress through the game, they gain access to additional staging zones.

Tyria is irrevocably shaped by its past, and you play a crucial role in its future. Players generally either choose a specific build for a given area or role, or use builds that synergize with the builds of other characters in the party.

Characters are rewarded with experience points for victories in competitive battle and the player account also acquires faction points redeemable for in-game rewards. Individual campaigns also have certain campaign-specific PvP arenas.

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So what you'll find in Nightfall, in terms of the architecture, creatures, the colour palettes we chose and the feel of the story itself, all have a North African flavour. Players explore the game-world, kill monsters, perform quests and complete missions to earn rewards and advance the story. It's not a representation of North Africa, it's a fantastical rendition. Factions, which can be played along with the aforementioned core professions.

Whether you decide to jump into quick, furious matches between small groups of players in organized PvP or join hundreds of other players in the grand battles of World vs. Guilds may additionally observe their own Guild Battles for a fixed period of time. Full games in the original Guild Wars sequence were released in episodes known as campaigns.

Factions is situated on the small southern continent of Cantha that is separated from Tyria by a vast ocean. Eye of the North games coexist within a unified game world. All player characters on the same Guild Wars account belong to the same guild. Often, joining a guild is a good way to get help from more experienced players as the in-game guild interface allows communication between guild members. Action-Oriented Combat Watch the video.

Guild Wars has a continuously running automated tournament system. Most skills have a governing attribute that determines its power and effect.

As quests and missions are completed, new areas, new quests, and new missions are unlocked for the player's character to access. These areas are also used when forming groups of people to go out into the world and play cooperatively. The continent of Cantha is heavily based upon and influenced by eastern Asia. Participants who are unable to field a full team automatically forfeit their round. Experience can still be gained and is used to learn more skills or buy consumable items throughout the game.

The game predominantly features a third-person perspective but also has the option of first-person. Why did you choose a more African theme?

The Guild Wars universe consists of persistent staging zones known as towns and outposts. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Nightfall features the arid continent of Elona, joined to southern Tyria across a vast desert. Players can choose from a range of up to ten different professions. The continent of Elona is heavily based on and influenced by North Africa.

Guild Wars Nightfall Manuscripts. Guild Wars Factions takes place in Cantha, an Asian-inspired three-nation continent far to the south of the lands of Tyria, the setting for the original Guild Wars campaign. Most PvP in Guild Wars is fast-paced, dust falling while the transition period between games may take longer. You never know what you'll discover each time you play!

Although a player is not required to join a guild, it adds value to the gaming time and increases camaraderie. This threat unites the game's major factions to form a Pact. Apart from fighting with weapons, skills make up the majority of combat interaction.

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Nightfall, and can also be played with the core professions. It features updated graphics and gameplay mechanics, and continues the original Guild Wars tradition of no subscription fees.

Eye of the North is set in previously inaccessible territory from the first Guild Wars campaign, Prophecies. Players are given the option of skipping the cut scenes if all party members agree upon it.

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