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Tutorial for GravoStyle 98Tutorial for GravoStyle 98

Notice that a representation of the text is to the right of the font name. Choose the Port option to send the job to the engraver. We could have edited this value in the Arc Text Dialog but it will be easier to reposition this object visually. Click the Yes command button to accept. Setup Job for Machining Click on the Machining icon the main toolbar.

GravoStyle 98

Import the Data Place the cursor in the Name column and click Import. Press Tab to move to the next field. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want gravosyle visit from the selection below. Click on the Machining tab once again and you will see that the depths are equally divided for the four passes.

GravoStyle 98

Adjust Margins Click the Material Definitions icon and set left and right margins to. Save your work Always remember to save your work frequently.

Remember that you must be in text mode to select the text. You now see a duplicate job. We will use the vertical text tool in this job. Click the All borders icon to turn off borders. The simple plate shown here uses three different fonts, underlining, italics and superscript.

You can apply attributes to the numeric variable just like any other text. Click End to accept the list.

The height text field will be selected. Click on Text on Arc icon.

The depth is the distance the tool drills into the material from the Z reference Zref point set at the engraver. The default arc selection was text above a raised arc which can be changed on the right side of the dialog. Setup to Engrave Select the objects to be engraved which, in this case, is the first line of text. Click on the Yellow quadrant inside the Pinwheel.

Highlight the job in the upper panel and you will see a thumbnail of the job below. When you move the cursor, the selection moves relative to its center.

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Then, the job is explained step-by-step. Align bottom Align the bottom of all selected objects to the bottom of the first selected object.

Change the Font Select the first text line by clicking and dragging the cursor through the text. It defaults to the center of the material. Click on the Arc Text icon to bring up the Arc dialog.

Now we must indicate the reference point to start the move. Type the word Ext followed by Enter. Use the keyboard arrow direction keys to nudge incrementally move the selected object in any of four directions. Click Open to open the job.

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Click End on the Variables dialog. Select all the text on the line by dragging the cursor through the letters.

The older versions of Gravostyle don't support the point-n-shoot function, but otherwise it will run the machine. Once the column object is created, mitsubishi lancer service manual you can go through the wizard again using either method.

Align Top Align the top of all selected objects to the top of the first selected object. As best you can, align the dotted box outline to fit inside the solid border of the material.

Now, we will run through the wizard again using the frame position method. Press Ctl S to save the file. Gravosyyle can I do to make these files work?

Successive clicking on this icon allows selection of three different dwell times or none. This exercise will also show how to perform a side-by-side comparison of the same job using different materials. When the text line can no longer fit between the margins, this value goes negative. Manually enter all the names.

We will use the Simple Plate job created previously. Pass Table This section of the dialog is the same as the Machining dialog. This is due to the Y-coordinate value having been automatically set to the selected text baseline's Y-coordinate.