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It is full of half-truths and twisted facts. But it never has, never been and getting worse as popularity rises. After this I could go ahead browsing the folders without problem for some seconds. Needless to say, it made the product useless. The number of antivirus companies has doubled in recent years.

He wrote above that he makes a keylogger, which he sells. You have to buy their higher corporate version in order to not have it happen. Including websites visited and apps opened. Without leaving product key info. Those who are trying to use your tools are most likely aware that these tools deal with sensitive computer operations.

It's sad, but I find it easier and safer to run without all that junk running all the time. Thank you for writing this article. Avira is still blocking most Nirsoft utilities.

Just thought i would let you know. Yeah, this happens to my software company too.

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At least that way users could be reassured that the products you provide have not been tampered with since you built them. Actually for anti-virus programs releasing the source code is not enough, because even the program was directly compiled from source code it can get picked up.

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If I may add my own case, I had a big problem with Avast antivirus. Glad I found this post, and that Hitman pro allows restore from quarantine. One that calls a spade a spade. File Splitter is freeware program which does not require installation and can be use to split a file into multiple files as well as to merge multiple files into a single file.

People forget too easy that big and not so big also software companies care about profits first. Then I copied the files inside the zip folder and put them into another folder. After moving to a new house I discovered that my password was written on the back of my wifi router that I sent back my internet provider. Apples phones are not ahead of all the other either. The only way for this to change is for small software publishers to collectively sue antivirus software companies e.

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Also will continue to use this latest version I might add that Malwarebytes Antimalware gave it the all clear. Notify me of new posts via email. Its the way it is now for many user and software nirsoft or not.

You need to manually scan a file in order to detect a virus or spyware. It is key logger program which records all keystrokes and sends these key logs through the email. So I just ordered Spytector with lifetime support. Based on that, they can make their purchasing decision.

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The so called activation software had a vulnerability using which many systems where hacked! Or some other place to broadcast my displeasure at what these major companies are doing?

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Buy FUD Keylogger For Professional Monitoring

Keylogger links Home User Manual F. Terry, revolt game full version windows 7 Nigeria I tried a free keylogger but it failed to work.

You can see this file is detected by the antivirus. False positives abound, and so do malicious notifiers especially since your software can really help recover a computer from the hands of hackers. Microsoft Windows Security Essentials, which I was using at the time, did not object to it. Suggestion, for False Positives.

Previous Thread Next Thread. It is a lot cheaper than having a staff member trying to stop the false positives and it really only add one tiny process after the build. Twice I tried to run SearchMyFiles.

To buy the background scanner, there is a one time smal fee, for life. One even blocked my website. If you wait long enough the software will start and work. And split your server file with your File Splitter into bytes per file. After that you would have to make enough pressure with all the developers together that the av companies have to whitelist the developers who are joining this institution.

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Why should you buy Spytector keylogger Get the facts

Over the past year Mcafee has been a horrible problem for us. It stores your wi-fi passwords on their servers and restores them to your phone if you do a reset or get a new phone. In searching for a key recovery software I encountered one highly rated that had a free version, and a paid upgrde. The things are getting worse every year, cause antivirus companies are using more and more aggressive ways of detection and obviosuly become more virus and spyware-like themselves! As you understand, waiting this to complete, many times I was forgetting what I was looking for.

Certainly, false positives are killing small-time developers. As a security professional, I understand the issues that non-security minded individuals face. This article really reflects the reality. And yes anti virus, malware, trojan, adware do compalin but still i use them.

It said WebVideoCap is malicious. The first time nothing happened.

Are they blind and deaf, or just plain stupid? And there are lots of laptops out there where you can pull the screen out and they turn into tablets. There is no full proof way of doing this, you will have to experiment. First time it destroyed all your programs.

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If you get whitelisted you are in a database which all av-programs can use. But now my update app is detected by Kaspersky as Troyan Heur.