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It moves smoothly from the sublime to the ridiculous, it inhabits the dual worlds of fantasy and reality, and articulates something profoundly simple about both. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Margo Peace as Reporter No.

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Police detective Ray Duquette, against the wishes of the district attorney's office, continues to investigate Sam. He later claims that Kelly shot him in the arm and he was left with no choice but to kill her in self-defense.

He starts to howl and Max howls back, then all the other Wild Things join in. Wild Things is a delightfully salacious, flesh-exposed romp that also requires a high degree of love for trash cinema. Michelle Williams was originally cast as the female Wild Thing K.

They fight, but eventually end up kissing in the pool, all witnessed and recorded by Ray, still investigating the trio. Robert Deacon as Prisoner. Carol takes Max on a tour of the island, showing him a model he built depicting what he wishes the island looked like.

Max finds the crushed remains of Carol's model island and leaves a token of affection for him to find. The main actors bring life into what could be very overdone characters. Carol becomes enraged and rips off Douglas's right arm, though only sand pours from the wound. Atomics for the Millions by Dr.

Returning home, Max is embraced by his mother, who gives him a bowl of soup, a piece of cake and a glass of milk and sits with him as he eats. In reality, she tried to escape the guest house when he entered. Eduardo Yanez as Frankie Condo.

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Why are the creatures so unhappy? Motion Picture Association of America.

Carol runs to join them after finding Max's token and arrives in time to see him off. Madeleine Greaves as Claire's Friend. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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Where the Wild Things Are (film)

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Joshua Jay Santiago as Claire's Friend. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. Bill Murray as Ken Bowden. How to Sell Drugs Online Fast.

Rebecca White as Policewoman No. Max Pfeifer as Claire's Friend. Sonny Gerasimowicz as Alexander Suit Performer. What are the differences between the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version?

Movie Info Think of it as endless endings. Where the Wild Things Are Theatrical release poster.

Alexander reveals that he suspected that Max is not a king with magical powers, but warns him to never let Carol know. Inspired by this, Max orders the construction of an enormous fort, with Carol in charge of construction.

Although Sam is not pleased Ray killed Kelly instead of framing her for Suzie's death as originally planned, he agrees that they now have fewer loose ends. He's touched me very much. Jonze unleashes his considerable creativity.

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From outside her room three shots are heard, then Ray exits the room and collapses on the ground. Courtroom Observer uncredited Patrick H. He shot her dead, broke into her gun case and used her hand to shoot himself in the shoulder.

The sequels recycled much of the plot, dialogue, and direction of the first film, albeit with different actors. Academy Award -winning make-up effects supervisor Howard Berger The Chronicles of Narnia turned down offers to work on the film four times. To coincide with the film's release, audacity for windows 7 64 bit full version Girl Skateboards which Jonze co-owns came out with seven pro-model skateboards with the Wild Things as the board graphics.