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Everybody Hates Chris

Chris is finally able to buy a car when he gets his driver's license but when it is stolen and vandalized, Chris realises having ownership of a car is a huge responsibility. Drew finds out that Tonya is afraid of werewolves. Omar leaves for an entire day. Julius takes on extra work while he is supposed to be on vacation and tries to hide it from Rochelle. Julius wants to get something fun with his collection of trading stamps, but Rochelle wants a new refrigerator.

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Rochelle to act nice in a strange way as her extended family comes to town to pay their respects, and she becomes fed up with her impolite mother Loretta Devine. Meanwhile, Rochelle starts having problems of her own after a disgruntled customer named Tallulah Lafitte Vanessa A. Chris is left alone in Mr. Edwards Jason Alexander teams Chris with Caruso on a field trip in hope that the two will bond. Rochelle and Julius attempt to manage the many valentines both Tonya and Drew are receiving.

Julius finds a new job that pays more than his previous two jobs combined, but fast and adamantly does the family become tired of one of its new consequences. Rochelle goes to traffic court to argue about a speeding ticket.

Unfortunately, Eddie is a bank robber. Julius's coworkers go on strike, so he fills his free time with doing housework, much to Rochelle's dismay. This episode marks the first appearance of Tasha Clarkson Paige Hurd. Rochelle and a few other citizens get held up by a robber while on a train ride.

Omar thinks he is dying and decides to start saying whatever is on his mind. Tonya starts working with Rochelle at the local beauty parlor, where her blunt honesty gets her into trouble with customers by telling somebody had a giant mole. Meanwhile, Julius becomes a local hero when he stops a man from jumping off the George Washington Bridge and Drew and Tonya make a bet to see who can stay up the longest. Julius tries to win the lottery for extra money.

This is the second of only two episodes featuring a voice-over done by someone other than Chris. Chris is soon heartbroken when he finds Keisha and Drew kissing. Chris learns the value of a dollar when he begins to work with his father to save up the money needed to get a leather jacket, lf2 dark which he believes will make him look cool. This is one of a few episodes where the main plot doesn't revolve around Chris.

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Everybody Hates Chris

Tonya asks Rochelle if she can take ballet lessons. Chris is excited to go to a Halloween party that an older girl invites him to, before he can go to the party, he must take Drew and Tonya trick-or-treating. Julius learns he has high blood pressure and tries to reduce the amount of stress in his life.

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Chris tries to impress the girl of his dreams Aree Davis after she is hired to tutor Drew. Meanwhile, Rochelle plans a surprise party for Julius and Drew tries to return a faulty pair of X-ray glasses he received through the mail. Chris runs for eighth-grade class president against Caruso. Chris is the only one that shows up when Corleone is closed for a snow day and has to stay with Principal Edwards until they can get in touch with his parents. Chris goes looking for the perfect Father's Day gift for his father.

While he's hoping to find diversity, the new principal at Tattaglia decides that Chris should be in the only all white home room. Tonya asks Drew to teach her how to double-dutch.

When Julius discovers that his Playboy magazine is missing, he desperately tries to get it back. Rochelle has to teach Tonya the limits of gossiping when they go to the beauty shop. Chris quits his job at Doc's store and gets another job at a Chinese restaurant called Hoo's Hunan because he isn't getting paid minimum wage.

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Chris must decide whether he wants to go to a Mets game with Julius and Drew or to go see Back to the Future with Tasha. In order to defend himself against Caruso, Chris takes up boxing after Coach Thurman suggests he do so. Articles lacking sources from June All articles lacking sources. Doc has a new girlfriend who is making life hard for Chris so he decides it's time to get her to move on.

This causes Chris to become the mother of the household when Rochelle is too upset to do anything. When Rochelle injures her arm, she quickly realizes that the longer she's out of commission, the longer she can avoid taking care of Julius and the family. Rochelle begins a job as a cosmetics saleswoman to earn extra money.

Everybody Hates Chris - Episode Guide

Everybody Hates Chris - Episode Guide

Chris just can't say no when a criminal on the run asks him to hide a stash of marijuana. Drew is pestered by a girl who keeps telling her friends that he kissed her. Chris is thrilled when Jenise Huckstable Tristin Mays asks him to the homecoming dance.