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The police stand passively by when extremists attack pro-Israel and anti-racist manifestations. It is, in short, both fraudulent and counterproductive. President, with the greatest of respect, I'm sure you would not deviate one single iota from the policies of Arik Sharon if it were French cafeterias, buses, or hotels which were bombed.

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Consequently, one no longer has to buy the book, which is not terribly hard to find in Greek bookstores in the first place. In a cartoon the Greek daily Ethnos, close to the then-ruling Pasok socialist party, showed two Jewish soldiers dressed as Nazis with Stars of David on their helmets, putting knives in Arabs.

He asked an aide to invite this would-be mass murderer for lunch at his residence in the Elysee Palace. There he praised the Palestinian suicide bombings, and was given a cordial welcome by the Labour mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, butterfly lounge dating who appeared jointly with him.

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The Palestinian murderers were freedom fighters. Moses Altsech, born in Greece and now an academic in the United States, has long researched anti-Semitism in his native country. European anti-Semitism is so major and manifests itself in so many ways that Jewish organizations should no longer limit themselves to protesting against individual cases of such racism. Photograms are images produced by the shadows of objects cast on the photographic paper, without the use of a camera. European anti-Semitism can be said to have similar characteristics.

What is clear, however, is that this European denial went on for years while the number of anti-Semitic incidents increased. Both Pasok circles and the presently ruling right-of-center New Democracy Party have used these expressions. The anti-Semitic wave of the past few years seems to prove that it is impossible to eradicate such a deep-seated irrational attitude. Not all anti-Semitic attacks, however, refer to Israel or Israelis.

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Congress for denying anti-Semitism. Yet radical verbal anti-Semitism has crept into the heart of the European mainstream as well. Crime scene photography consists of photographing scenes of crime such as robberies and murders. However, afterward the law was hardly applied. Until now this relationship has not been normal.

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Whereas in many European countries much of the most violent anti-Semitism comes from the Arab and Muslim communities, in Greece this is not the case. In the postmodern world, everybody can march with his hate, according to his own schedule, toward a set of goals, including Israel's destruction.

He said he would fight wholeheartedly to prevent anti-Semitism in France, but that it was not there. As soon as anything happens, these people return to their old concepts. The third societal area marked by strong anti-Semitic expressions is the extreme Left.