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Confucianism, particularly its emphasis on a meritocracy, gained influential adherents including the French philosopher Voltaire. Although there are many temples dedicated to Confucianism throughout Asia, Confucius did not claim to be a religious teacher and his teachings do not deal with the supernatural or god. Circumlocutions, double speak and euphemisms were to be avoided.

Confucianism - ReligionFacts

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Confucianism and its teachings have shaped the political and social development of China for hundreds of years. That one should treat others as one would like to be treated. These tablets were used to venerate and worship the family ancestors in accordance with Confucian rites.

His teachings dealt mainly with personal and political morality - he taught what it meant to be a just ruler and a man of principles and honour. The rulers found Confucius's emphasis that the ruled had a duty to obey their rulers to be a useful tool of state control. Within these relationships or Bonds, each person had specific duties. In all relationships, the elders were highly revered. His goal was to help the people achieve social and personal perfection and reestablish the ordered society that had supposedly existed before this period of internal warfare.

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Subsequent teachers and philosophers added to the system, creating the system of moral philosophy which came to be known as Confucianism. He taught that people should treat each other humanely and that rulers should treat their subjects with justice, or risk losing the Mandate of Heaven to govern. In its early history, the ideas of Confucius clashed violently with other religious beliefs in China. However under the Emperor Wu, Confucianism came to be accepted as the state religion. Confucianism is a comprehensive system of thought and behaviour encompassing religion, philosophy, morality, and political science.

These duties and relationships extended to the dead, charaktery czasopismo online dating and led to ancestor worship. There is some debate whether Confucianism should be classified as a religion or a philosophy. He avails himself to people of the Tao and thereby corrects himself.

In turn, the people were to obey those rulers who enjoyed the Mandate of Heaven. For a time Confucianism was suppressed by the Imperial government and Confucian books were burned. Confucius taught during a period of profound upheaval known as the Warring States Period, when China was divided into many warring factions, and governments were corrupt.

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Confucianism exerted an influence on many countries neighboring China such as Korea and Japan. Confucianism also blended with pre-existing Chinese folk religion and adopted the practice of ancestor worship. One of the chief tenets of Confucianism was the idea that nobility of virtue was greater than nobility of birth. Scholars who refused to give up their books were also burned.

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Confucius himself was a traditionalist who emphasized justice, sincerity and scholarly study as the way to harmony and perfection. His teachings sought to restore the Mandate of Heaven to the rulers so that peace and prosperity would return to China. Over the course of centuries, Confucianism became the dominant system of thought in China, surpassing competing systems such as Taoism.