You can't make this shit up

Did scott moir dating jessica dube injury

Well, normal people can't. Other sham romances don't either, not even from disappointed shippers. The fact Virtue and Moir have stayed together so long is remarkable in a sport where skaters often swap partners several times in a career.

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It was Bryce's idea for Jessica to skate singles during his rehabilitation and he hobbled on crutches to Western Challenge, his family in tow, to cheer on Jessica's miserable outing there. They won their first national crown in Nova Scotia at the Canadian Championships. In February, they competed at the Four Continents Championships.

Jessica believes this is how things should always work and even after Bryce surpassed her as a skater and performer while coddling her, she resisted the realities. Naturally, she had a wrist issue that needed Bryce's attention.

Tatiana Volosozhar, a million times the pairs skater Jessica is, takes forever to learn a new throw, lift or spin. They skated last season to Pink Floyd, an avant-garde program that never reached its full potential in a season shortened by Virtue's leg surgery.

Naturally she had a wrist