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Show Songs gummetinche ee reyi Play All. He has rightly won immortality in the hearts of the Malayalam film fans as a martyr in his yearning to thrill and entertain them even by putting his life at stake. Visit Here Thank you very much.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mandhara Cheppundo from Dasaradham. Attempts were made to bring in impostors who tried to imitate his style and mannerisms, enabling several artists from the field of mimicry to show up on the big screen. The first accolades for his acting skills reached him when he was a naval sailor. Achaaram Ammini Osharam Omana.

Pavizham pol from Namakku Paarkan munthiri thopukkal. His most popular films like Sharapancharam and Angadi were both critical and commercial successes.

He is the inspiration for many revolutionary directors and producers such as R. Manjanikombil from Manjil Virinja Poove.

Show Songs idi toli rAtri Play All. Show Songs enduko teliyani ee vayyaramu ee vilasamu swadesaniki eeroju Baleroju evaraalakinturu kilakila navvula O taraka O jabili meow meow Play All. UhU anu Emani Emani anukunTunnadi? Doore kizhakkudikkum from Chitram.

Indraneelimayolum from Vaishali. Mere Sapnon ki Rani Play All. Raaju neevoy nyayamidena balu vannela chinnela Aaduvaari maatalu papayunte pandaga chakkani vaada nee leelalanni Oho varala bala mandu kaani mandu chitaaru komma meeda Play All. While acknowledging his undisputed popularity as a commercial superstar that has never faded over time, general critical opinion on his skills as an actor is divided.

Rimjim Gire Sawan Play All. Efforts are being made to construct a permanent memorial at Mulankadakam where he was cremated, and also to open a library and museum near his home. Poo veno poo from Deshadanakili karayarilla. After Jayan's death Murali filed a case for proving his paternity.

Along with these, his trademark styles and mannerisms made him a campus hero and youth idol of his time. My all time favorite Malayalam Songs are listed here. Show Songs monnarAtiri kalalOkenduku vacchAvu? Show Songs neeli vennela jAbli Play All. Show Songs rEyanta kavvinta Play All.

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Konjikarayalle from Poomukhapadiyil Ninneyum Kaathu. He says Jayan married his mother Thankamma and his relatives threw Thankamma out of family when Jayan became popular. Velikku velupan kaalam from Kaliyattam.

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He has also directed a few films in Malayalam. Kanneer poovinte from Kireedam. Jayan's performance in this film was appreciated in the industry and his physical appearance was also noticed for the first time. Sriranga ranga nAdhuni Play All. He starred in over Malayalam films.

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Jayan always performed his own stunts, and for this movie he was performing a particularly dangerous stunt that involved him boarding an airborne helicopter from a moving motorbike. Jayan did make a few random uncredited appearances in some movies of the early s, feelings the first of which was in Postmane Kanmanilla. Its success led to the teaming together of this pair in numerous movies. Show Songs mutyAlu vastAvA?

Thousands paid homage to the late actor, and the police had to take huge measures to deal with the crowds. Parayan maranna paribhavangal garshom. During his film career, he was primarily an action star and was particularly famous for his macho image and unique style. Show Songs pachi mirapa ayyo maharaja yuvaraja saraa sari Ila vacchi kanna tandri Era chitti kanna iru vayasula chellista talli maata Play All.

Thankathoni from Mazhavil Kaavadi. However, all these attempts to replace Jayan with a new star with a similar image yielded disappointing results.

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Show Songs idi niSeedha samayam jeevitam EmiTi? Show Songs brahmachaarulalo Play All.

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Its really helpful for me, awaiting for more new post. Show Songs uppongele gOdavari Play All. Palnilavinum our nombaram kaboolivala Koottil ninnum met til vanna thalavattam Neermizhi peeliyil neermani vachanam Pon Verne ennullil mounam thalvattam. Jayan Samskarika Vethi or Jayan Cultural Forum has been established recently, which consists of his fans and well wishers. His birth name was Krishnan Nair.

Panna ki Tamanna Play All. Film actor, naval officer. It was announced that the actor would be brought back to the big screen by twelve top technicians from Hollywood. Nettiyil poovulla from Manivathoorile Aayiram Shivarathrigal.

In all these films, Jayan's voice was dubbed by Aleppey Ashraf, a popular mimicry artist of the time. Kalarivilakku from Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha.

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Activities include organising anniversary functions and memorial programs, facilitating his coworkers, maintaining the actor's website and official profiles and charity work. Devee from Njaan Gandharvan.

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