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She was rushed in a Los Angeles hospital after suffering from an apparent seizure due to nitrous oxide inhalation. She has gone through many roles, just as how she has gone through a lot in life. Demi still made big screen appearances. She was also born with a crossed right eye, forcing her to wear a black eye patch to conceal it until its correction with surgeries.

Demi received critical acclaim and international fame for her performance as Molly Jensen. Nastassja Kinski, an aspiring German actress, lived right next door to Demi and Freddy. After three years, Demi again went back to acting, starring in the mystery drama Half Light, and with an ensemble cast on the historical drama Bobby.

Her ex-husband Bruce Willis played a minor role in the film. Demi was also spotted with her daughter Rumer in a Kundalini yoga retreat held in New Mexico. In the long run, their frequent moving taught Demi how to quickly adapt to new surroundings and new faces, and she believed that this was a major factor in her becoming an actress. She and her daughters were not at home when it happened, but an assistant of the actress was present. As her crossed right eye was corrected, Demi tried her hand in modelling.

Both Danny and Virginia were alcoholic, and their verbal arguments escalated into beatings. State investigators from Idaho ruled no probable cause to these claims, and the case was eventually dismissed. When Demi was three months of age, her mother married Danny Guynes, a newspaper ad space salesman.

Demi received critical acclaim

Demi landed a regular role for two years in the long-running television show General Hospital as the investigative journalist Jackie Templeton. It proved that Demi is an impressive femme fatale despite the fact that it was her first time playing a villainous role, and the movie itself was a success. It gathered a multitude of varying reactions, and Demi responded by challenging the perception of the public regarding motherhood and sensuality. In their sixth year anniversary the couple were apart.

She also produced and starred in the television movie If These Walls Could Talk, and it gathered lots of nominations ranging from the Emmy Awards to the Satellite Awards. Demi still continued with her acting career. The year was also the release of the film adaptation of the Michael Crichton novel Disclosure. Her birth name was believed to be Demetria, but the actress herself confirmed on Twitter that it was just Demi, and it was based on a hair product her mother saw on a magazine.

Demi and her mother moved to a small apartment in Los Angeles, and she was enrolled in Fairfax High. She also played a role in the comedy Deconstructing Harry. During their separation, Demi was purported to again battle problems with substances and eating disorders. Danny ended his life by carbon monoxide poisoning. International Man of Mystery and its two sequels.

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Not only did the film receive Academy Awards and Golden Globe nominations, Demi was also praised along with her fellow stars for their powerful performances. She played as Corri in a supporting role for the teen drama Choices. Things were not going so well for her mother Virginia. However, she did not know how to handle her sudden newfound fame, and some of the salaries she received were spent on a lifestyle of drugs, booze, and party. Ashton made it clear that the accusations were nothing but defamations perpetrated by the magazine.

She went on a vigorous training regimen and shaved her head for the film G. Their year age difference was a favorite of the tabloid press, stating that the relationship was a publicity stunt.