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It was black in color with a more fuzzy and rougher texture, hollywood u dating and lighter in weight. Thank you for your article! The color of the corduroy has not always been consistent. The scalloped circle now surrounds a darkened circle.

The current issue tag is a white square tag right under the hang loop on the inside of the coat at the collar. He had to know since the size on the hangtag was torn off, he knew the size on the tag did not match the size of the jacket. The only difference between a peacoat and a reefer is the gold buttons. This is the overlock or serged finish we still use today on cut fabric edges inside garments.

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That fur collar is also a real benefit in the cold Bathurst Australia winter weather. The last element of a pre hat to be completed is the lining. Note that the instructions were used on the tag as well.

Research showed there were no good reference sources for verifying the provenance of these fine coats. The pre Melton coats I have seen have all been labeled as such. The Navy changed to a pewter button that was identical in styling to the gold button authorized for officers and chiefs. One day I will write out a logical path flow chart and post it here. The first step in determing proper peacoat fit is to obtain your bare chest measurement.

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Rayon, or artificial silk, is a semi-synthetic fabric processed from cellulose wood fibers. The coat appears black in the photograph, no dating clients but it is dark midnight blue. This decision proved fortuitous when I found the Fedora Lounge and was able to answer questions about a coat that someone owned or a coat someone wanted to buy. Beginning in the date was embedded in the contract number.

From your description I am dating between but can you enlighten more on other text on the label. It is this practice that makes dating these pieces of history accurate within a several year period. This practice has carried forward to the current issue coats, so dating coats from forward is quite simple if there is a tag present. You owe yourself this treat if you are into vintage bags at all.

Thx for your valuable info! When you want to return here, go to the top of the Outerwear page, or click on your bookmark. There were eight buttons showing on the front of the coat with small buttons under the collars, and an attached throat latch so the coat could be tightly buttoned at the throat. Starting in this practice became permanent.

You may hold your breath for a few seconds while measuring. We want the amount of material stretched in the back to be the same as the amount stretched in the front. Thus, for the afl-cio labels, you can further pinpoint the date by the presence of the coat and suit label on the flipside. The Fur Products labeling act of required an accurate description of fur e.

Does this make it easier to narrow down the date of the item? The only thing I said then was that if he wouldn't respond to my questions, I would contact eBay. My coat has the nicest finish of any of my coats. He almost immediately replied and was very kind in his message. And thank you Gail for giving me the benefit of the doubt.


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There are no other tags on the dress. Want to buy or sell something? If no tag is present, all of the clues must be utilized to determine the era. It is white tag with red writing only. Click on Outerwear to see what is there.

The coats have changed a bit over the years. Anyway, this doesn't seem like a normal reaction to me. Of course if the measurement around the abdomen is a great deal larger than around the chest, a peacoat may not be the best choice. Looking at the photos, I can only estimate the age by the metal zip-out lining zipper. Of course for some of the dating, I have had to make an educated guess as to the year, but I believe I have noted that in the text.

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It is one thing to manufacture a civilian peacoat and label it as such. If I can help with any additional questions please let me know. Check the classifieds New Posts Classifieds. In the s there was at least one contract that specified Melton rather than Kersey wool.


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Will be interested to see if anyone chimes in with info. Armholes were cut high and fitted in the s and the s. So I asked him if I still could purchase a jacket from him.


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Jackets also need to breath, so being stored can cause the jacket to need some conditioning. The dense smooth wool outer shell remained unchanged, with a few exceptions. So I tried to reason with the guy. Relax your position and do this three times. Did you happen to find out any additional information?

The first purse is military issue. Hats with interior grosgrain ribbons started in the early s. Diamond gussets in the armhole indicate s.

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That detail would've had me thinking it wasn't very old. The below photographs are of a Bridgecoat year unknown and a tag from a bridgecoat. You will find this post in a sticky toward the top of the Outerwear page. We can tell this because of the date in the contract number.

  • Owners who purchase and collect Schott jackets are well aware what to look for when purchasing a jacket.
  • Looking at the photos the jacket appears to be in nice condition.
  • Just what I needed to help identify my own union tags.
  • It is the same type tag and is the only impostor type tag I have run across.
  • Tags may be located on the outside of the right interior breast pocket, or they may be inside one of the pockets, including the hand warmer pockets of the coat.
Mens Vintage Jackets at Vintage Clothing
  1. The first practical sewing machine was invented in and was used to produce French army uniforms.
  2. The seller should have immediately explain that he had several jackets and had mixed up the hangtags for the jacket.
  3. Cloth tape measures are available online, at fabric stores and probably in the fabric section of stores such as Target and Kmart.
  4. Does it say anywhere I can't see it well the manufacturer.

As with any vintage item, when in original packaging it always increases the price of the item, whether it's a Barbie doll or in this case a jacket. Loops for hanging found inside the neckline of vintage jackets and blouses are usually of European manufacture. Peacoats need to stay in a moth protected closet or garment bag when not being worn.

For an accurate chest measurement, stand in front of a mirror so that your side is facing the mirror. Bridgecoats have a zip out lining to make them warmer when needed. He was also possibly afraid you would report him to Ebay, and the reason he tried to threaten you. There will be enough room to wear a sweater underneath without binding. It may be that the manufacturer wasn't trying to pass it off as an issue coat, but it sure causes confusion for subsequent buyers.

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