Dating start hopes and dreams daycare

Dating start hopes and dreams daycare

Write dreams on paper

They need to be part of the development of the parent program. Susan Tave Zelman is superintendent of public instruction at the Ohio Department of Education, which oversees K education in the state. Brainstorm ideas about the steps needed to achieve these dreams. Glossy folders and maybe even a new Trapper notebook.

It's especially important

Translators are available for families. Mapp, co-author of Beyond the Bake Sale. Teachers visit every new family in the home. Pick a few dreams and discuss what is required for a person to achieve them.

It's especially important for working parents to make sure that events are held early in the morning or late in the day, so they can attend. Write dreams on paper to keep and record them on a chalkboard or poster. Families and teachers look at student work and test results together.

The program values input from families and the community Each year, the program communicates with families and neighborhood organizations about program goals and accomplishments.