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It produces more winter vegetables than any other place in the country. Soldiers, laundresses, Native Americans, civilians, federal judges and marshalls, deputy marshals, jail guards, lawyers, and outlaws all played a role in the history that unfolded at Fort Smith.

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Get ready for the annual Southwest Shakespeare Festival each September. But the Central Texas AirShow is clearly a step above most and more a part of the later than the first. Discover the famous guests that still linger in this stately hotel on Alamo Plaza, a perfect ghostly getaway. Perhaps the idea is not a good one for you.

Or maybe he did and it's still hidden in those deep words of his somewhere, maybe coded well like a Dan Brown puzzle. Load up the family and load up the buggy and get ready to head to Temple for the three day event that you'll be talking about for years to come. You should not say that until you have investigated all lifestyles that cost less to enjoy. The park includes the remains of two frontier forts and the Federal Court for the Western District of Arkansas. World-class wildlife viewing is also possible along the Buffalo River, including trumpeter swans and elk.

Behind only Las Vegas and Naples Florida. Get ready to road trip into the unexplained and discover the spooky side of Texas. Over varieties of birds can be found in the Valley, a virtual birding paradise. We would rather be retired on less than working to acquire more retirement dollars.

Already underway, the eight themed weekends kicked off Oct. And San Antonio's Menger Hotel offers a glimpse into the world of the unknown.

It is the third-largest city in Arizona behind only Tucson and Phoenix. Get ready to travel Texas and enjoy one or all Mardi Gras celebrations. We can introduce you to the frugal retirement living lifestyles that we have enjoyed, you will discover that they are painless, safe, practical and frugal.

If you love a good yarn, if you like to sit around a campfire at night and share your best ghost stories, then you're going to love these tales from Texas. They can say the strangest things. So if you're like many, you toy with the idea just before filing the idea away as something you might consider in the years ahead - which often never come.

Once abundant and healthy, these creatures are now hanging onto the thread of continued existence. And that might be true about most who have left behind their roots to adventure the world to exercise their greatness or fame. What was once considered a luxury retirement or family vacation investment may soon become the primary home investment for thousands.

So we thought we could help this year by offering up one of our own. This is not advice that you will get from a financial planner. Get ready for a real Texas tradition - the Luling Watermelon Thump, four days and nights of Texas fun with summer's best treat - a sweet Luling watermelon.