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Dating singer featherweight machines

The singer sewing machine serial numbers are ah dating it. One of these was originally sold in Brazil.

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Also assume that if your number was close to the serial number that started the batch, that it was made close to the release date. Find the serial number on the Singer Featherweight.

This will give you a good indication of when your Singer Featherweight was made. The situation with Becky's two machines is even odder.

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Singer was no help at all. The serial number will begin with two letters that are followed by six numbers.

Compare it with the date of the next serial number batch. Whimsically admitted that in answer W the question, Where is your car. Seam allowance gauge added.

Survey Update I sent this message Jan. One of these has a satin finish.

Case changed from lift out style to shelf on left around this run. Four have Anniversary medallion. Singer featherweight sewing machine parts and supplies.

The durable, lightweight machines are still a decent sewing machine for quilters. Information about using, maintaining and troubleshooting singer featherweight and k sewing machines. View the date in which the serial number batch was released by the company. One of these has a Golden Gate Expo medallion. Involvement with a federal munitions contract kept machine production minimized.

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Three of these have a matte finish. Around this run seam allowance gauge was added. Faceplate changed to striated around this time.