There's nothing I don't like

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The Metro is

They hit it off, have a few more drinks, go back to his place, and then hook up.

And you can enjoy it all inside or in the beer garden. Besides it not be good for you it is a neurotoxin it will seriously affect your reasoning and judgment and reduce inhibitions. The rest of the movie shows them trying to navigate their relationship as their careers, and therefore locations, change, but the big thing is that they spoiler alert end up together.

Lunchboxes include libations like Coors Light

For even more entertainment, the Pump is always playing a classic cult movie, and, when you get hungry, walk up to the food truck of the night. The bar closed during Prohibition but was reopened afterward by Peter's son and grandson. Doing an activity, like whitewater rafting, is a great way to kick off a relationship because it makes the banter flow naturally. There's nothing I don't like.

The Metro is open every weekday for lunch if you want a more casual experience and every day for dinner if you want something more formal. Lunchboxes include libations, like Coors Light, amaretto, Irish whiskey, and Captain Morgan, and mixers like orange, cranberry, and pineapple juice. It's a cash or check only place, but the food and drinks more than make up for it. One of those friends even became my boyfriend down the road, and that was the trip that sparked the flirtation between us.