That is a fact and provable

Dating scams from ghana accra patience nyarko

Avoidance of messengers is necessary due to hacking problems. Do I sound like I am standing up for her, maybe, I have been talking with her for six months and we have never talked about money.

If You have

If You have any proof at all that Raven is doing any scamming then post it so everyone who knows that's not true can learn from You the Truth. They are victims of this crime also.

The woman have their pictures and video's used all the time. Raven and Julie and other Porn Stars and Models make enough money that they have no need to do scamming at all. You don't have to be a genius to see how stupid that would be. She has always done what I ask of her and I have a lot more pictures than you even thought of.

Scammers usually claim to be Raven or Julie they are the most common ones accused of being part of the scamming. Plus none of them would live in a Third World Country where they could never make a living at being a Porn Star or model.

But don't bother coming back and making any more stupid statements that You have no proof of at all. All scams are done by nothing but lying to the victims.

They are victims of