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It was honest, it was a joy to share, and we left the room feeling the presence of the Lord and thanked Him for the privilege of being a voice for Him. Also, thank you to the groups of students who waited patiently to ask your follow-up questions at the end of each session. So as we age, not only has our dating pool suffered a major drought, we have to weed through a mess, searching for someone who meets our qualifications. Google is the least of our problems. Seminars with themes around dating, relationships, marriage, etc.

The world paints such a false picture on what dating is supposed to look like. And when you do take that huge step and add the person as your friend, you have a whole lot of work ahead of you. Dating seminars are healthy, necessary, and fun.

We didn't worry about whether he could support a family, be a good father, or get along with our Dad. Praise the Lord for the creative ways He works to mold and develop our character. Obviously social media has taken our lives by storm, affecting everything from corporate marketing to our relationships. Now, Google, of course, is just the first step in a long line of internet-driven psychotic behaviors.

Take me for example, here is one automatic deal-breaker. The Lord changed our minds. It's dwindled down quite a bit. In addition, at least for women, our priorities have shifted with age.

Specifically, we were asked to lead the session on Dating and Relationships. We were so totally jaded toward dating seminars and we needed to change our attitude.