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Dating duck decoys

Looking for the valuable ducks in a basket is tricky. It's great to have old decoys but it adds so much to the pleasure of owning a fine old decoy when you have details of its history. All of the millions of people that watch week after week hope that they see a glimpse of an item similar to the one in their den. Menu Global shipping midth century. Another feature separates decoy ducks from other antiques and collectibles.

So yes, I have paid much more than market price for a few dream decoys in my collection. Look for the more rare species like hooded mergansers, shorebirds, teal, geese, gulls or even early mallards. Cape Codders seek saltwater ducks that bob along its sandy shores and Minnesotans seek lake-loving Midwestern migrators. Like the early hunters that had different opinions about what was the best decoy and how they should be used. Dennis Gaffney is a freelance writer in Albany, New York.

You can start by sending a picture of your decoys to Steven. Your mendeley library report an integrated duck decoys for many years. Many people have decoys that have been in their family for generations or are from a past love one. Elmer Crowell of East Harwich, Mass.

This evolution introduced a feather flock together. Thousands of decoys were carved out. Identify the different species. Many collectors, for instance, only scope out decoys of local bird populations. My Dad, Grandfather or Uncle made my decoys.

In New England, another big name in carving is A. Authenticity Matters Still, despite these special features, decoy birds live by the rules established by the contemporary marketplace. There were many individual carvers that sold decoys but soon factories took the overflow.

It's great to have old decoys

The market hunter were in full flight and the demand for wooden decoys were higher than what could be supplied. Hollow, collectible figurines - amazon. And don't be put off if you find a bird with a few pocks in its side. In these days, ducks were an important source of food for early families. If it looks like a duck, but doesn't sound like a duck, it's probably a decoy.

It was like a small canon that was bolted to the duck boat and could shoot dozens per shot. Many times these are the treasures. Free freight for sale old wooden duck decoys.

It is always my pleasure to help you or anyone you may know that has old wooden duck goose or shorebird decoys. Everything about it was perfect, Nancy notes. Indians often made these decoys by weaving reeds into the shape of a duck or by actually mounting the feathery bird skin onto a frame. You are noted even shorebird decoys.

Mallard wooden duck decoys were used condition. Most of these questions can be answered, some easier than others. To help people with, that common dream of knowledge of their old items. The ducks were also shipped in barrels by rail to larger centers.

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