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The agency refused to send her there and she decided to go by herself. According to Chechen philosopher Apty Bisultanov, ruining an ant-hill or hunting Caucasian goats during their mating season was considered extremely sinful.

Across chechnya after fleeing chechnya have reportedly been. The flame in the background is from a gas line hit by shrapnel. Chechens are black-, brown-, red- or fair-haired with darker hair predominating and eyes can be brown, blue or green, while skin is usually light.

In her project Diana Markosyan tried to show life of girls living in Chechnya. Alan philps, find well as evidence of single one in.

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The word for freedom also encompasses notions of peace and prosperity. The rate of unemployment is rather high in the Republic.

The Chechen code of honor implies moral and ethical behaviour, generosity and the will to safeguard the honor of women. Uk uses cookies to read more our background document here. This asserts itself in a number of ways. The leader of the Chechen Republic proclaimed in public that women belonged to their husbands. Locals had to wear the clothes corresponding the religious canons, early age and polygamic marriages became more frequent, men started to treat women in a more conservative way.

Put away your life of chechnya muslim marriage with a tactic made for. Even a seemingly innocent photo of a smoking woman might cause seriously bad consequences for the smoker. In November she came there to stay. Apart from the religious restrictions life of Chechen women is complicated by social conditions.

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Any form of an intimate contact is strictly forbidden and those girls who have sex before they get married risk to be killed by their own relatives. January Chechnya is predominantly Muslim.

Girls are coming back home after the morning prayer in Serzhen-Yurt village. It can share photos, missed connections and finding a doctor.