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Dating antique wine glasses

Below are a few examples of our extensive stock of wine glasses. Of course if you are new to the glass field you may not notice this at first, but experts in the glass field find these features helpful.

The safest bet is to go with a seller who has a history of selling antiques and more specifically antique glass. Some glass, such as pressed glass, can be identified by the pattern. Or use an internet search engine to look up the mark. Sometimes it can be very hard to tell whether the glass is a reproduction because some molds used by companies of the past were reused later as the glass became popular again.

Of course if you are new

Identifying any antique glass is simple. To make a long story short you should always try the advanced search function if your search did not yield results the first time. You can find the company who made the glass by using a glassmaker marks book. Many times the mark may be very faint, so use the reflection of the light you are using to aid you. After about four years in the antiques field I have learned a good bit about the subject.

Prices to not include delivery.

Below are a few examples of