We were having unprotected sex

Dating abuse true stories

He came to our former home, and we discussed our relationship. He is intelligent, and a medical professional. Again, I was desperately in love. All issues in his life are the fault of others. We had friends stay over that night, so as a result I had to wait until they left and then told X our relationship was over.

At the start of the relationship we drove my car everywhere. They know who both he and I are.

Not because of some fight or big blowout, I was just done. He often gets instantly angry. Although I found this odd, X claimed he hated our local gyms and he was a lifetime member of this franchise of gyms. Specialty Footwear International is a unique company that seeks to provide footwear solutions to those working in specific industries. Again, he told me he thought I was looking elsewhere.

He messaged a number of

Once it begins, it will continue to get worse. One night about a week before Christmas we were out with friends. He became very agitated and angry with me and stormed out. As a result X did accept one of the jobs that I forwarded to him, in small town not far from my home.

Once occurred when

Nobody knew I had been threatened with a gun. During the next several months I forwarded him job postings on a regular basis that were posted in my area. Thank heavens I did seek help, and can see clearly now. As distasteful as I found this, I let the matter drop.

After the man left with the promise I would forward the number to him, I advised all, including my friends, why he had showed up. At the very least I was hoping to have sex, and as arrogant as it sounds, I could never imagine anyone ever cheating on me on me. They occurred months prior to his departure. Upon finding out everything I knew, he became very angry and in the end it was him that said he could not be with me anymore.

Once occurred when he stopped in to check the house to see if I had missed packing anything, and once on his final moving day. He messaged a number of men in my own small town, where I am supposedly a respected member of the community. My reasoning was that if he was not happy sexually perhaps we could do something to enhance what we had. When X and I began our relationship I was on a pedestal, after the relationship I was over, I was accused of being mentally ill, and was told I needed help. Although domestic violence defines you in ways beyond comprehension, I will only allow it to push me further than I ever dreamed, beyond all doubts and fears, and towards my bliss.