We really obsess over our health

Dating a music major

By that, I mean, you can ask them a question and they will answer it with more than enough information, their eyes and smile both wide. Dedication is in our nature.

You can build relationships with professors who know your name and make connections with people who can help you out later in your professional career. Breaking Up This is probably the best reason as to why you should date outside of your major.

In almost every case, like attracted like. We have rehearsals for those as well. So, if you have the pleasure of dating one of us, your world might become infiltrated with terms and names you have never heard of before. So, sometimes, all of those ensembles decide to hold rehearsals, and that takes time out of our schedules.

Someone with a history degree is more compatible than average with an art historian, English major or someone with a degree in foreign languages. To produce these results, we calculated which majors a person with a given degree was more or less likely than average to marry.

We love what

We love it when you come to our concerts. Generally speaking, degrees in related fields tended to be more compatible. We need to escape the department every now and then. The music degree is unlike anything else in life. We are human yes, shocking and we love to love.

One of the downsides of

We love what we do- we kind of have to. One of the downsides of this major is that it is so small. In all likelihood, people with the same or similar degrees are more likely to find themselves in the same vicinity. We just really like it, and need to hydrate the hopefully soon money-makers. And besides, music is a language, one that can convey any emotion on the human spectrum.