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He has however become slope jaded as make has gone on csi morgan dating enquiries affect him csi morgan dating than they nearby to. During his time out into the field, Greg is shown to be kind natured and compassionate.

Both Greg and the tourist survived and the team arrested the gang members, but a gang-member that Greg had run over died in surgery, which causes problems in later episodes. Greg checks on Morgan at the Tangiers, because she has been through a lot.

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One must lie in the bed one has made. Ironically, before he was able to reach the crime scene, he noticed a mob attacking a tourist. When he sees a body, he thinks it's Morgan but it isn't her.

Julie Finlay was talking to her boyfriend on the phone and walks in a observation room without knowing Morgan Brody was in the room leaving her with a surprised face. The woman, Rita Von Squeeze, who uses the name Ellen Whitebridge, gets arrested with the help of Catherine, who declines to suspend Greg but gives advice on falling for the wrong person. Greg is really upset about the death of a music historian, that he'd met in the past actually, the victim was an old crush. Greg helped process the scene with no gloves and did not wear a warmer jacket during the cold night.

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Papa Olaf never found out. She raised her hits to fellow forensics narrows in recent months. However, when the relationship between Sidle and Grissom was revealed he was not bitter about her dating Grissom, and continues to flirt with her. Greg also mentioned to Sara that he just met Morgan. Greg finds out that she is a Burlesque dancer who is also a suspect of recent murders that connect to an old crime case.

He was initially the resident lab rat, only appearing occasionally. When the bus driver, injured during the crash, collapses towards Nick, Greg freezes as Nick yells at Greg to get some help. Morgan smiles and they hug. Greg, Morgan and Catherine are forced to defuse a several bombs. After they successfully deactivate the bombs, Morgan immediately hugged Greg.