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You can practice it further on a custom map to get it perfect. If you want to achieve Global Elite then these need to be mastered individually. Practice Maps There are a number of maps that let you practice different aspects of the game. This is something overlooked when it actually happens so a recap of it becomes quite helpful. Spraying Mostly used in mid to close encounters, good sprayers can down an entire team rush with proper control.

You should practice all the weapons that you deem necessary and all of this will only take minutes of your time. If you keep loosing, the system will put you in a lower skill group. Sometimes for smurfs it is harder than they thought to fight out of the silver ranks, because of the unconventional, random and incalculable silver playstyles. So below we will be giving you a brief guide to achieving Global Elite.

And of course, because they meet other smurfs. The picture below will more appropriately show where your crosshair placement should be. They just move out, shoot and sometimes even got a good aiming. Only an exremely small amount are natural born pros who did not much for their rank. They learn how to move on the maps, how to use the weapons perfectly and use self created crosshair and game settings.

This method will help you a lot if you have wasted a lot of painstaking hours in this game, and have still not been able to achieve this higher rank successfully, or able to have held it for long. Take time out of the game to practice things that need improvement and your road to achieve Global Elite will get easier and easier. Silvers are the beginners, they play for fun, without a lot of strategy or plan. We will further divide aiming into three aspects. Aiming is the aspect that requires the most amount of practice and should be something you must do every day.

Most matches have a small range of Skill Groups represented. An account is said to be prime if it is linked to your mobile number, and Steam has verified your profile using a one-time password. Choose wisely, with which friends it is worth to play.

It helps to improve and upgrade your computer and hardware. All Accounts are delivered instantly after the payment has been processed. This is because frequently changing these can result in you to lose your aim which can cause you to lose quite a few matches early on. Pre-aiming can give you the slight edge you need to kill him first. This is something that can help you achieve your goals in real life as well.

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Practice this for a while and start using it in pub game with the sole intention of killing every enemy through a spray. And second, the system makes a prediction about how well each team member will perform in a match. You can then play your ranked matches with your original account without being worried about losing your global elite rank. The same goes for burst practice as well and should be done in pubs too.

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Ranking Method The ranking method is as before mentioned unknown. In order for the guide to achieve Global Elite to work for your benefit, the factors should be focused on individually and worked upon as well.