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Consolidating your loans good idea

This way, you only have to make a single payment instead of multiple payments on each type of loan. Some companies may try to take advantage of your financial situation for their own gain.

Overcome your challenges If your finances just aren't what they should be, consider speaking with a trained credit counselor. However, it's important to understand why debt consolidation may not be a good idea. By combining a number of small, variable payments into one usually fixed payment, you should find some space opening up in your budget. Your accounts become delinquent.

If nothing else, the ability to simplify your finances and reduce the number of payments you make each month means less work and fewer opportunities to accidentally forget one of your bills. The answer depends on your financial circumstances. Do not approach debt consolidation as a one-stop fix for all of your financial worries. The following are the pros and cons of consolidating federal education loans.

Your credit score is negatively impacted. It will increase the amount of time you have to repay your student loans. Eligibility for Consolidation In order to be eligible for consolidating your student loans, your loans must be in repayment or the grace period. Student loan debt consolidation makes repayment easier by combining your existing debt into one loan.

Older accounts have a more positive impact on credit scores because they reflect a proven track record of creditworthiness. Something that seems to be good for you today might not be so great in a year. But with that anticipation comes the stress of having to repay your student loans.

It will increase the amount ofYour credit score is negatively impacted

Most major credit scoring systems use the age of your accounts as part of how your score is calculated. You pay the debt settlement company this amount every month. What you do with that space determines whether or not the consolidation is going to work. So simply keep that in mind before proceeding with a consolidation. Other cons include the extended duration of repayment time, which may cause you to pay more interest in the long haul.