Still, I would recommend them

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It would have been easier if GreenPath could pick up the phone, talk to the person who was handling my debt and work some of those things out. When I was getting ready to pay out, there was a mix-up on what creditors they had paid off. When I started to gather information on all these loans to see what was going on, it was so hard to figure everything out. To top that they know the whole story that his son is hiding from all people he owes money to, which includes his father. The interactions I had with their reps were very beneficial.

They couldn't get over the hurdle and communicate with the bank about the minutia of the negotiation of what could be paid, when it could be paid and how it was gonna be paid. Everything paid off and hopefully, it stays that way. Still, GreenPath was really flexible as far as getting a manageable payment. Due to how his son has treated his Father and all the dead ends I hit and the lack of help and understanding from everyone involved I stopped paying the bill all together.

So when reading the fine print it states education loan only, all other money is to be returned to the bank. You get late fees when things are not late, they make everything very sneaky in order for you to pay more and more. Nobody has ever showed me this form. Still, I would recommend them. That was the only frustration that I had.

But I saw the value in the company and thankfully, after a couple of weeks of back and forth, and phone tags, we finally got the right people from my bank to communicate with GreenPath. However, I've had a lot of stress and a phone that rings night and day, and I've only been working with them for a month. In the beginning, there was also one person who ran things pretty well.

After I went through the process and saw the figure they came up with, I knew I had gotten myself in that predicament so I just had to make it happen. GreenPath is a great company and they do a great job of what they do. The reps really made seamless contact although every once in a while, I would have to call them about something.

There was a lot that fell on the client to communicate to the people at the bank and the people at the company. Someone referred me to GreenPath and they had a good enrollment process. Then it was a smooth process ever since. Even in getting all of my debt paid off and getting married, I spoke with a consultant who helped me get everything finalized.

At least, it was this way several years ago. Then they could communicate with me as the third-party and say what result they had come to then ask if I was happy with that.

Other than the fact that all that money spent to catch everything up and the lack of help and understanding, in one year it was like nothing was paid on the principal. Once the ball got rolling, they were great. Then we got put through to somebody else and they had a different way of doing things. Don't matter because we have put off getting married for two years now, due to this situation but his son had another baby and got married and I said screw that. All the while, I was also having to make payments and those were larger payments than I could really afford at that time.

The only reason we even found out his son did not pay one penny on these loans, ever, is because I ran the credit report because we were planning on buying a house, his credit is totally shot. That would have been a much more seamless transition in process. It's been a long road and I decided that nobody is helping. So the outcome, or the juice, is worth the squeeze.

They helped me become debt-free and stay disciplined as well. It took me to threaten these people more than once that we want copies of the final disclosure, etc.

Someone referred me to GreenPath