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Halstead comes back to see Denise and says the biopsy came back as they expected. He says even an experienced surgeon would not be able to do what Rhodes is attempting to do.

They discuss how difficult it was for Maggie, but especially Denise. Charles says they need to find out why being pregnant is so important to her, and feels there is no value in withholding this from them any longer, and he leaves it to Dr. Jeff confirms that he is speaking Thai, and Dr. Halstead is looking her over, he had given her some steroids and her sight is coming back. She asks if there is something wrong with the baby, Reese at first says yes, then says, not exactly and that it is complicated.

Charles says to give her a minute to explain. She says she is honored to be working under Dr.

Daniel Charles Oliver Platt is still being pushed around in a wheelchair by Dr. The search for a translator just becomes nearly impossible, when Med Student, Jeff Clarke informs Dr. She wants a second opinion.

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Maggie Marlyne Barrett takes Dr. The patient asks if that is even necessary, she sees her doula regularly and has been told everything is good, and they are right on track for a homebirth. She says the ultrasound machine must be broken. Reese misses the shuttle bus and ends up outside the hospital, with the patient who still believes she was pregnant. Check back often for updates, news, and spoilers.

Manning Torrey DeVitto and Dr. Rhodes is insistent he can do this, but Dr. Charles tells her to go home and get some rest. Rhodes is scrubbing in for surgery where he is introduced to one of the female doctors on his cardiac team, he welcomes her to Chicago Med. Halstead Nick Gehlfuss to her family reunion where he meets her sibling Denise guest star Alexandra Grey and uncovers deep-rooted family secrets.

Denise confronts Maggie on how she treats her differently. Rhodes tells her they have a great team to help him, and reassures her that when they are done, she can then give him a piece of her mind. Denise finally admits that it is her prostate gland, and admits she is a transgender woman. Maggie is having a fantastic time, and is completely shocked when she sees her sister, Denise Alexandra Grey.

Downey may have had faith in him, but to him, that faith needs to be earned. Rhodes asks her if they can speak in private, where he explains the situation and that he needs her consent to operate.

When Jeff asks her how come he never knew she was this smart, she responds with what Dr. As the patient begins to tell the doctors he should have listened to his wife, he has a stroke. Both April and Sharon Goodwin ask if Maggie knows what might have caused this. Rhodes insists he can do this, and that he has done much more difficult things under Dr.

The patient asks if that is