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Charlize theron and will smith dating

She refuses to discuss the incident, but Gerda Theron was not charged after it was ruled that she'd acted in self-defence. Her Oscar-winning turn in Monster is a case in point - she had to fight to play serial killer Aileen Wournos with the pockmarked skin, lank, greasy hair and bad teeth the role demanded.

But once you got there, it was an hour's drive back, so you may as well watch whatever it was. When the camera rolls, it's time to do my job, to do the honest truth. Years ago, I used to cover it all up and say he died in a car accident.

It's the second time the two A-listers have starred together. There was something about me and him. Then she moved to New York and trained as a ballet dancer before falling into acting when a talent scout spotted her screaming at a bank teller. Stuart and Charlize started dating after they met on the film Trapped and starred together again in a rather unsuccessful World War Two drama, Head in the Clouds.

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And the patter of tiny feet may not be far away either. And when she won the Best Actress award, it looked like her defiance had paid off. And I knew it was going to be harder for me, because of what I look like, to branch out to different kinds of roles.

Her Oscarwinning turn

The project is committed to supporting community-engaged organizations that address the key drivers of the disease. For that reason alone, the Oscar was especially sweet. How I want to play it starts at that moment. The shooting was legally adjudged to have been self-defence, and her mother faced no charges.

It's a very lonely, internal experience. When you come from a harsh landscape you have to get on with it. Tourist Charlize says there were other aspects of Scottish culture which left a lasting mark on her. She has no intention of tying the knot, but still works hard at the relationship. Directed by Jason Reitman, the film earned critical acclaim, especially for her performance as a depressed divorced, alcoholic year-old ghost writer.

Theron's mother then shot and killed him. As abig Da Vinci Code fan, Stuart was deeply impressed, and urged her to take photos as a souvenir.

Stuart had to stay home, but Charlize was able to go touring on a day off and phoned him from Rosslyn Chapel, where she was given a private tour. It was a way of explaining his absence when I did not want to go into the reasons or the event itself.

He said it's about those memories. Then he meets Charlize's married character and the sparks fly. In the comedy Will plays a boozy superhero who has managed to make everyone totally fed up with him. The first was the golf flop Bagger Vance, when Charlize was still relatively unknown. Theron was an honoured guest along with Halle Berry and keynote speaker James Cameron.