Also these minis are super cute

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Its sets into a smudge-proof, water proof finish quickly after application but you do get some time to smoke it out if you want a smudgy, smoky look. My only complaint is the annoyingly strong clean masculine scent, but I always get used to scents. It's got a surprisingly thick jelly texture and though it doesn't foam much, my face feels very clean after use. This one has a noticeable fragrance of milk candy mixed with something chemical.

It's such a great shade when you want something that's appropriate for almost every occasion because it's a warm pink with a twist that can work as a sort of nude. Also these minis are super cute. The wear time on the waterline as kajal is good but not spectacular.

It's more intense than pen eyeliners and it dries super matte, those are the things I like most. After a long time a regular micellar that don't want to just use up as quickly as possible and finally buy Bioderma again. Vitamin A I loved the effects of this one, but it had its tiny faults, still I'm including it here. But this feels like a velvety primer, so dry to the touch, but otherwise noticeable. However, I noticed it's probably breaking me out because I got spots just where I was applying the remaining essence.

This had the best fit ever on my face, they were no creases, it only covered my scalp for a centimetre or two and the sheet is so thin, it's invisible on the face when wet. It's also faultless when it comes to doing flicks without losing colour on the nib as it very often happens to pen liners.

It's one of those goeswitheverything blushes

But since the pencil is really creamy, it needs sharpening after each use. It's become one of my favourite foundations ever. There is no white cast and I don't notice any particular sunscreen shine, so those are another pluses. Eternal Optimist This shade has been on my nails for a couple of weeks this month. The texture is really smooth and creamy, it glides beautifully on the eyes without tugging or pulling.

After a month I'm just loving this foundation more and more. Erfrishended washgel This was a really pleasant surprise. It wasn't anything amazing, but it just looked good, nourished and plumper my smile lines were diminished.

It's one of those goes-with-everything blushes, though this one is a bit pinker and brighter than for example I'm Nuts About You. It wasn't mind blowing, but I would repurchase it. It's an old version though, as they've recently made some changes to the formula and the new ones are supposedly not that light anymore. My skin still gets tight after a few minutes, so I rush to get at least Secret Key Essence on, but in general it has been working really well for me.

The formula of these is amazing and it's one of the rare blushes in the drugstores that last well. But the colour is so beautiful, I'm kicking myself for not noticing it sooner. On the upper lash line as liner, it wears really well and stays put until you take it off.

Milk This one wasn't as comfortable to wear as a lot of the rest because the sheet is thick, but I liked how nice my skin looked when I woke up. The sheet was thin and comfortable to wear. The essence is one of the thicker ones, like a lotion, but it sunk in very fast. The pigmentation is great and I like the rich matte black color. Brightening Face Mask Pearl I really loved this one and I'm seriously considering purchasing most of the versions of these because I enjoyed it so much.

It wasn't mind blowing but