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Comedy about a Spaniard and a Domician living in a humble district of Madrid. Life of two families in a village of La Hoya de Alcoy in the s. Comedy set in an office in front of a coffee vending machine. Comedy about five women who decide to live together after some problems with men.

Drama about a group of firemen. After each episode there was a quiz in which the contestants tried to solve the mystery.

Adaptations of fairy tales. Comedy set in a village of Lleida. Based in a real life case. Biopic of the Valencian poet.

Adaptations of fantasy Works of SpanishAdaptation of the novel by Frances

Comedy about an ex couple whose members decide to live together again. Series about immigration in Catalonia.

Comedy about two girls who go to Madrid to become actresses. Comedy about a tobacconist, her brother and her boyfriend. Ciega a citas Cuatro, An overweight hairdresser makes a bet with her mother that she will go to her sister's wedding with a boyfriend. Comedy starring the bars of the test card. Comedy about the problems of the members of a market to make ends meet.

Adaptations of fantasy Works of Spanish literatura. Adaptation of the novel by Frances Viadiu. Spin-off of Mujeres solas.