Back My booking was cancelled

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Make sure to collect evidence photos and videos to support your complaint, as we will request it at a later stage. Uniplaces strives to make sure the photos and information you see in our listings accurately represent what you will find when you arrive in your new home.

It is an outstanding healthcare

We will suggest similar places to the one you booked and make sure they match your original preferences. It is an outstanding healthcare and research centre covering the whole Lazio Region, and featuring state-of-the-art equipment. Back My booking was cancelled. In such a framework, it promotes, develops, and runs bilateral and multilateral research-teaching cooperation programmes. It has established close links with Italian businesses and promotes the starting up and growth of businesses stemming from the world of research, with a view to developing innovative products.

We will suggest similar places

Tor Vergata also has students dorms. Through its International Division, the University intends to be a focal point for European and non-European cross-cultural integration and evolutionary processes.

Also, try to discuss your issue with your landlord before filing a complaint so they are given the opportunity to fix it. We created the hour safety period to protect our students and to make sure they are compensated in case something goes wrong. You might be contacted by a Uniplaces agent to help you find a new place.

After that, your monthly rent has to be paid directly to your landlord. This is where you can find everything about your booking. The university takes part in International research projects and promotes multi-disciplinary research. Whatever the reason, you will be notified of the cancellation immediately. It may be related to your landlord or to the place you booked.