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They recognize that for peace to endure, it must involve all those who have been most deeply affected by the conflict. The impasse over the West Bank and Gaza led Carter to intercede directly in an attempt to resolve the deadlock. Other matters of common concern may also be dealt with by this committee. The provisions of the Charter of the United Nations and the other accepted norms of international law and legitimacy now provide accepted standards for the conduct of relations among all states.

The United Nations Security Council shall be requested to endorse the peace treaties and ensure that their provisions shall not be violated. More specifically, Sadat effectively said that Jordan would have a role in how the West Bank would be administered. When the self-governing authority administrative council in the West Bank and Gaza is established and inaugurated, the transitional period of five years will begin. The parties will agree on the modalities and the timetable for the implementation of their obligations under the treaty.

The United Nations Security CouncilMore specifically Sadat effectively said that

The permanent members of the Security Council shall be requested to underwrite the peace treaties and ensure respect or the provisions. Egypt and Israel will work with each other and with other interested parties to establish agreed procedures for a prompt, just and permanent implementation of the resolution of the refugee problem.

Security is enhanced by a relationship of peace and by cooperation between nations which enjoy normal relations. To assist in providing such security, a strong local police force will be constituted by the self-governing authority.

Instead, Carter and Vance met with the Egyptian and Israeli delegations individually over the course of the next twelve days. The parties will negotiate an agreement which will define the powers and responsibilities of the self-governing authority to be exercised in the West Bank and Gaza.

Middle East experts produced a draft treaty text, which served as the basis for the negotiations and would be revised numerous times during the Summit. Providing for the elected representatives of the inhabitants of the West Bank and Gaza to decide how they shall govern themselves consistent with the provisions of their agreement.

The forces from Jordan and Israel were to conduct joint patrols to ensure security at the borders. West Bank and Gaza Egypt, Israel, Jordan and the representatives of the Palestinian people should participate in negotiations on the resolution of the Palestinian problem in all its aspects. During the course of this war, Arab nations like Jordan and Syria, along with Egypt, had attacked Israel as soon as it ceased to be the British Mandate. The talks proved extremely challenging, especially when the trilateral format became impossible to sustain.